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Rare Book School at the University of Virginia

H-50. The American Book in the Industrial Era, 1820-1940

Michael Winship

Manufacturing methods, distribution networks, and publishing patterns introduced in the United States during the industrial era. There will be hands-on sessions in which students examine and describe books produced during the period, providing an introduction to analytical and bibliographical practice. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss their own research projects with the instructor and class members.

This course will focus on the production, distribution, and reception of books in the United States during the industrial era, though British practice will be discussed as relevant. It is aimed at scholars, catalogers, collectors, and others whose interest or research is concerned with the history of the American book in the United States during the industrial era. As part of the course, students will have an opportunity to examine bibliographical and other reference works – as well as photocopies of primary materials – useful to the study of books published during this period, and they will be introduced to relevant bibliographical practice and convention (no prior knowledge of descriptive bibliography is required).

In their personal statement, applicants should briefly summarize their background in the field, current research projects, and topics or issues that they would particularly like the course to cover.

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