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Rare Book School at the University of Virginia

2006 Course Schedule

In 2006, Rare Book School offers about 30 five-day, non-credit courses in January, March, June, July, August, and October, held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (March, June, July, and October), the Grolier Club in New York City (January), the Walters Art Museum and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (August and October), the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City (October), and at the Freer and Sackler Galleries in Washington DC (October). For information on this year's tuition, as well as other related costs, please visit the Ways and Means page of this web site.

A more complete, hard-copy version (PDF) of the course schedule is available for viewing/download. Please note that the list below is not as comprehensive as this hard-copy version.

9-13 January 2006 in New York City

11 (H-40) The Printed Book in the West since 1800 Eric Holzenberg
12 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger

6-10 March 2006 in Charlottesville

21 (B-10) Introduction to the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
22 (G-10) Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography Richard Noble & David Gants
23 (H-30) The Printed Book in the West to 1800 Martin Antonetti
24 (L-70) Electronic Texts and Images David Seaman
25 (L-80) Implementing Encoded Archival Description Daniel Pitti

5-9 June 2006 in Charlottesville

31 (B-10) Introduction to the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
32 (C-70) Collecting the History of Anglo-American Law Morris L. Cohen & David Warrington
33 (H-15) History of the Book in America Michael Winship
34 (H-55) History of American Music Printing and Publishing D. W. Krummel
35 (L-30) Rare Book Cataloging Deborah J. Leslie

12-16 June 2006 in Charlottesville

41 (C-75) Developing Collections of African-American Materials Lucious Edwards, Jr & Michael Plunkett
42 (I-10) Introduction to the History of Illustration Erin Blake
43 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger
44 (L-40) Visual Materials Cataloging Helena Zinkham
45 (L-85) Publishing EAD Finding Aids Daniel Pitti

17-21 July 2006 in Charlottesville

51 (B-90) Publishers’ Bookbindings, 1830-1910 Sue Allen
52 (H-80) The Stationers' Company of London Ian Gadd & Michael L. Turner
53 (L-10) Introduction to Special Collections Librarianship Alice Schreyer
54 (L-55) Donors and Libraries Susan M. Allen & Wm P. Barlow, Jr
55 (T-55) Type, Lettering, & Calligraphy, 1830-1980 James Mosley

24-28 July 2006 in Charlottesville

61 (G-10) Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography Richard Noble & David Gants
62 (H-10) History of the Book, 200-2000 John Buchtel & Mark Dimunation
63 (H-20) The Book in the Manuscript Era Barbara Shailor
64 (H-45) Printing, Publishing, and Consuming Texts
in Britain, 1770-1919
Simon Eliot
65 (T-10) Introduction to the History of Typography Stan Nelson

14-18 August 2006 in Baltimore

71 (H-25) C15 Books in Print and Manuscript Paul Needham & William Noel
72 (M-85) Introduction to Islamic Manuscripts Marianna Shreve Simpson

2-6 October 2006 in Charlottesville

81 (M-40) Latin Paleography, 1100-1500 Albert Derolez

2-6 October 2006 in New York City

82 (M-50) Introduction to Illuminated Manuscripts Roger Wieck

9-13 October 2006 in Baltimore

83 (M-10) Introduction to Paleography, 800-1500 Consuelo Dutschke
84 (M-20) Introduction to Codicology Albert Derolez

23-27 October 2006 in Washington DC

85 (I-85) Japanese Illustrated Books, 1615-1868 Ellis Tinios


8-12 January 2007 in New York City

11 (H-30) The Printed Book in the West to 1800 Martin Antonetti
12 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger
(Other RBS 2007 courses have not yet been scheduled.)

Admission Decisions

Application forms for forthcoming RBS courses are available online. All applications are acknowledged upon receipt. Admission to RBS courses is on a rolling basis. Unless noted otherwise, early admit decisions for each course are made three months before the course begins. RBS accepts applications until the week in which the course runs.

Frequency of Course Offerings

Not all of the courses listed in the RBS Course Bulletin will be offered this year. Some courses are offered in alternate years, and on occasion RBS faculty members may wish to take an informal sabbatical, and their courses may disappear from the Schedule for a year or two as the result.

In general, however, all RBS courses not offered annually are on a two-year cycle, and courses missing from the Schedule this year may be expected with some (though not complete) confidence to reappear in the Schedule next year; see the summary of forthcoming courses for the current state of play.

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