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The course schedule for RBS 2007 has been updated.
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Preserving Pages in Charlottesville
by Jacki Lyden

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Rare Book School

Rare Book School (RBS) is an independent non-profit educational institute supporting the study of the history of books and printing and related subjects. Founded in 1983, it moved to its present home at the University of Virginia in 1992.

Freshest Advices

Rare Book School now has a Facebook group

[ 31 October 2007 ] Rare Book School has recently formed a group on Facebook, the online social networking site that allows members to share news and announcements, photographs, contact information and more. ... Full Story

Albert Derolez to teach Latin paleography at UVa in October

[ 6 September 2007 ] In October, Albert Derolez will teach a five-day seminar on Latin paleography, 1100-1500 at Rare Book School in Charlottesville; a special course limited to six students ... Full Story

New Storm van Leeuwen Seminar in the History of Bookbinding

[ 2 August 2007 ] In October, Jan Storm van Leeuwen will inaugurate a new RBS seminar in the history of bookbinding, to be taught at the Walters Art Museum and at various rare book libraries at The Johns Hopkins University. Topics in this five-day seminar will vary from year to year ... Full Story

Anybody Seen My Hammer?

[ 19 March 2007 ] In 1997, RBS acquired a stack of printed but unbound folio sheets intended to make several volumes of early c19 British House of Commons committee reports. The sheets were roughly folded for storage ... Full Story

Shaggy Dog

[ 26 September 2006 ] Rare Book School has recently acquired a large (15 x 18") intaglio plate, showing a head-and-shoulders portrait of a cheerful long-haired dog, engraved on steel by John C. McRae after a painting by Sir Edwin Landseer. The plate [shown below, reversed] is titled “Fritz.” The image ... Full Story

Sheepish Cloth

[ 3 June 2006 ] A couple of months ago, eagle-eyed Vincent Golden noticed an eBay auction featuring an interesting book in a remarkable binding. The book is the fourth edition of Hymns for the Millennium, composed from the prophetic writings of Joanna Southcott and published by her order by Philip Pullen (London: Manbey, Spencer, Haggar, Essom, 1835), The small book (it is about 6" tall) is bound in cloth printed (as we suppose) to resemble mottled sheep or calf, and the effect is pretty convincing ... Full Story

Digital Target Shooting

[ 10 April 2006 ] We recently added a copy of Henry Blackburn's The art of illustration (London 1894) to the RBS reference library. Blackburn informs us (pp. 21-22) that the first systematic attempt at illustration in a daily newspaper was the insertion of a weather chart in the Times in 1875, but that "in June, 1875, the Times and all other newspapers for England were far distanced by the New York Tribune in reporting the result of a shooting match in Dublin between an American Rifle Corps ... Full Story

Rare Book School's New Online Look

[ 8 March 2006 ] Welcome to the new RBS website! We have made an effort to make it easier to navigate, more useful/informative, and, of course, more visually appealing! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the design or anything about the site in general, please send an e-mail to oldbooks@virginia.edu. Since the site is still in the process of being re-designed, you may find it necessary to visit the 2005 website.