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Rare Book School at the University of Virginia

Course Evaluations

Rare Book School employs a widely admired - though rarely imitated - course evaluation system in which attendees write detailed prose accounts of their experience at the school. Their comments are then mounted permanently and in their entirety on the school's website.

8-12 January in New York City

11 (H-30) The Printed Book in the West to 1800 Martin Antonetti
12 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger

4-8 June in Charlottesville

21 (B-10) Introduction to the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
22 (I-20) Introduction to the History of Illustration Erin C. Blake
23 (M-10) Introduction to Paleography, 800-1500 Consuelo Dutschke

11-15 June in Charlottesville

31 (G-50) Advanced Descriptive Bibliography Richard Noble
32 (H-60) History of European and American Papermaking Timothy Barrett & John Bidwell
33 (H-90) Teaching the History of the Book Ann R. Hawkins & Daniel Traister
34 (M-80) Introduction to European Handwriting Nicolas Barker
35 (T-50) Type, Lettering, & Calligraphy, 1450-1830 James Mosley

16-20 July in Charlottesville

41 (C-80) Artists' Books: Strategies for Collecting Johanna Drucker
42 (H-15) The History of the Book in America Michael Winship
43 (H-80) The Stationers’ Company to 1830 Ian Gadd & Michael L. Turner
44 (L-10) Introduction to Special Collections Librarianship Alice Schreyer
45 (L-55) Donors and Libraries Susan M. Allen & Wm P. Barlow, Jr

23-27 July in Charlottesville

51 (H-20) The Book in the Manuscript Era Barbara Shailor
52 (H-40) The Printed Book in the West since 1800 Eric Holzenberg
53 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger
54 (L-30) Rare Book Cataloging Deborah J. Leslie
55 (L-70) Electronic Texts & Images David Seaman

30 July - 3 Aug in Charlottesville

61 (B-90) Publishers’ Bookbindings, 1830-1910 Sue Allen
62 (G-10) Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography Richard Noble & David Gants
63 (H-10) History of the Book, 200-2000 John Buchtel & Mark Dimunation
64 (L-50) Advanced Seminar Special Collections Administration Samuel Streit & Merrily Taylor
65 (L-80) Implementing Encoded Archival Description Daniel Pitti

13-17 Aug in Baltimore

71 (H-25) C15 Books in Print & Manuscript Paul Needham & William Noel

24-28 Sept in Washington, DC

81 (I-85) Japanese Illustrated Books, 1615-1868 Ellis Tinios

8-12 Oct in Baltimore

91 (B-50) Seminar in the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
92 (M-20) Introduction to Codicology Albert Derolez

15-19 Oct in Charlottesville

101 (M-40) Latin Paleography, 1100-1500 Albert Derolez