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L-60. Introduction to Archives for Rare Book Librarians

Jackie Dooley & Bill Landis

Special collections libraries increasingly collect, curate, and service all forms of rare and archival materials within one integrated environment. All types of specialists--including managers, curators, catalogers, and reference librarians--must therefore be conversant with professional techniques and issues on “both sides of the house.” This course will introduce archival perspectives on issues that differ from library traditions in professional culture, history, and ethics. Students will explore the archival profession's approach to appraisal, acquisition, description, and access to personal papers, organizational records, and single manuscripts. The course will include lectures, readings, discussion, hands-on work, and field trips.

This course is intended for those whose education and experience are principally rare book-oriented who now find themselves working with archival materials or managing the work of archivists. Applicants should provide information about their professional education, work experience, and any formal education or training in archival administration.

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Jackie Dooley & Bill Landis teach this course for the first time.