Announcing the 2017–18 RBS-UVA Fellows

We are pleased to announce the 2017–18 cohort of RBS-UVA Fellows:

  • Ashley Boulden – Ph.D. student, McIntire Department of Art
  • Nouha Gammar – Ph.D. student, Department of French
  • Andrew Hill – Ph.D. student, Department of French
  • Samuel Lemley – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Julianne McCobin – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Anne Marie Thompson – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Natalie Thompson – Ph.D. student, Department of English

Each of the fellows will attend an RBS course this summer, and will submit a final fellowship project by 16 April 2018.

See the RBS-UVA Fellowship page for more information about the fellowship program.