Week 1: 15-19 July 1996

No. 11 Lithography in the Age of the Hand Press.

Michael Twyman

No. 12 Publishers' Bookbindings, 1830-1910.

Sue Allen

No. 13 Printing Design and Publication.

Greer Allen

No. 14 Introduction to Rare Book Librarianship.

Daniel Traister

No. 15 Advanced Seminar in Special Collections Administration.

Samuel A. Streit &
Merrily E. Taylor

No. 16 How to Research a Rare Book.

D. W. Krummel

Week 2: 22-26 July 1996

No. 21 European Bookbinding, 1500-1800.

Nicholas Pickwoad

No. 22 Book Collecting.

Wm P. Barlow, Jr. &
Terry Belanger

No. 23 Introduction to the Curatorship of Historical Health Science Collections.

Katharine E. S. Donahue &
Joan Echtenkamp Klein

No. 24 Rare Book Cataloging.

Eric Holzenberg

No. 25 Visual Materials Cataloging.

Jackie Dooley

No. 26 Introduction to Electronic Texts (Session I).

David Seaman

Week 3: 29 July - 2 August 1996

No. 31 History of the Printed Book in the West.

Martin Antonetti

No. 32 The Use of Physical Evidence in Early Printed Books.

Paul Needham

No. 33 The Company of Stationers and the London Book Trade to 1637.

Peter Blayney

No. 34 Book Illustration to 1890.

Terry Belanger

No. 35 The American Book in the Industrial Era: 1820-1940.

Michael Winship

No. 36 Introduction to the Internet.

Peter-john Byrnes &
Kelly Tetterton

Week 4: 5 - 9 August 1996

No. 41 Type, Lettering, and Calligraphy, 1450-1830.

James Mosley

No. 42 Children's Books 1740-1865.

Justin G. Schiller

No. 43 Rare Book Libraries: A Perspective for Booksellers.

Richard Landon

No. 44 Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography.

Terry Belanger &
David Ferris

No. 45 Introduction to Electronic Texts (Session II).

David Seaman