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The entries below are in reverse chronological order. See Publications in Print for a list of available exhibition catalogs.

Beginning Date Ending Date Exhibition Title and Curator
2005 November 7 2006 May 1 "Eyre Apparent: An Exhibition Celebrating Charlotte Brontë’s Classic Novel." Curators: John Buchtel and Barbara Heritage. Description.
2005 May 16 Oct 31 "The Call of the Wild: Character Building and the Boy Scout Handbook." Curator: William Ingram '05. Description.
2004 April 25 Nov 1 "116 Years of Corks & Curls." Curator: Whitney Spivey '05. Description.
2003 June 1 Oct 31 "Reading with and without Dick and Jane: The Politics of Literacy in c20 America." Curator: Elizabeth Tandy Shermer ('03 CLAS). Description.
2003 Jan 17 May 1 "The Lives of the Autograph Collectors." Curator: Nathaniel Adams ('03 CLAS). Description.
2002 July 15 Oct 31 "Printed Flower Gardens: The Bookbindings of Margaret Armstrong." Curator: Sarah Hagelin. Description.
2001 July 16 Oct 28 "Intentional Miscataloging: The Pedagogical Uses of Ephemera in the Rare Book School Collections." Curator: Edmund Berkeley, Jr. Description.
2000 June 5 2001 Jan 31 "Eureka! There's Gold in Them Thar Books." Curator: Calvin P. Otto
Exhibition brochure (Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
1999 May Oct "Two for a Nickel: Ephemera Concerning Thomas Jefferson and Monticello"; mounted in cooperation with the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation. Elliot Tally (UVa '99), curator. Description.
1999 Feb 10 Apr 30 Exhibition marking the 200th anniversary of the death of George Washington, curated by UVa's George Washington Papers Project. Description.
1998 Oct 17 Feb 6 "You CAN Sell a Book by Its Cover: Optimism in American Publishing." Description. Darby Kimball ('00 SEAS), Curator.
1998 May 25 Oct 12 "The Boy Who Never Grew Up: Dinosaur Books and Realia from the Collection of Edward J. Valauskas." Description. Edward J. Valauskas, curator.
1998 Jan 21 May 8 "Separate Pieces: All Printed Books are Different." Description. Terry Belanger and John Buchtel, curators.
1997 Sep 19 Dec 22 "Only in Cloth: Publishers' Bookbindings, 1830-1910, from the Collections of Calvin P. Otto." Calvin P Otto, curator.

Printed catalog (published by the Book Arts Press)
1997 Jun 20 Sep 14 "Devil's Toyshop: The Teaching Resources of the Book Arts Press." Terry Belanger, curator.
1997 Feb May 27 "It Is Impossible to Sell Animal Stories in America, Mr Orwell: George Orwell and His Publishers." Drawing on the collection of Daniel J. Leab. Daniel J. Leab, curator.

brochure and catalog
1996 Sep 16 Dec 16 "A Doré Gallery: Wood-Engravings by Gustave Doré." Terry Belanger and Shawnee Sequeira (UVa '95), curators.

1996 Apr 20 Sep 10 "Books Go to War: Armed Services Editions in World War II." Daniel J. Miller (UVa '96), curator.

printed catalog
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1996 Jan 18 Apr 15 "UVa in 1921: The Corks & Curls View." Terry Belanger, curator.
1995 Oct 19 Dec 21 "Wastebasket Archaeology: American Ephemera 1876-1995 from the Collections of Calvin P. Otto." Calvin P. Otto, curator.
1995 Sep 29 Oct 16 "Woodcuts of Rural America by J. J. Lankes." Peter A. Agelasto III, with Welford D. Taylor, curators.
1995 Jul 11 Sep 23 "Lucile's Adventures in America, 1860-1910: Orchids, Gold Leaf, and Padded Leather." Sidney F. Huttner and Elizabeth Stege Huttner, curators.
1995 Mar 30 Jun 30 "Charlottesville: A Book Town." Terry Belanger, curator.
1995 Jan 22 Mar 24 "Daniel Melcher on Melcher: From Boyhood to Bowker and Beyond" [Daniel Melcher of the R. R. Bowker Company.] Jared Loewenstein, curator.

catalog (published by the UVa Library)

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