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Course Evaluations

Rare Book School employs a widely admired—though rarely imitated—course evaluation system in which attendees write detailed prose accounts of their experience at the school. Their comments are then mounted permanently and in their entirety on the school's website.

7-11 January in New York City

11 (H-40) The Printed Book in the West since 1800 Eric Holzenberg
12 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger

9-13 June in Charlottesville

21 (B-10) Introduction to the History of Bookbinding Jan Storm van Leeuwen
22 (G-30) Bibliographers' Toolkit: Printed Books since 1800 Tom Congalton and Katherine Reagan
23 (L-90) Designing Archival Description Systems Daniel Pitti
24 (M-10) Introduction to Paleography, 800-1500 Consuelo Dutschke
25 (I-35) The Identification of Photographic Print Processes James Reilly, assisted by Ryan Boatright

16-20 June in Charlottesville

31 (H-55) History of American Music Printing and Publishing D. W. Krummel
32 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger
33 (L-70) Electronic Texts and Images David Seaman
34 (T-55) Type, Lettering, and Calligraphy 1830-2000 James Mosley

7-11 July in Charlottesville

41 (H-10) History of the Book, 200-2000 John Buchtel and Mark Dimunation
42 (I-10) Introduction to the History of Illustration Erin Blake
43 (L-30) Rare Book Cataloguing Deborah Leslie
44 (L-40) Visual Materials Cataloging Helena Zinkham

21-25 July in Charlottesville

51 (G-20) Bibliographer's Toolkit: Printed Books to 1800 David Whitesell
52 (H-20) The Book in the Manuscript Era Barbara Shailor
53 (L-10) Introduction to Special Collections Librarianship Alice Schreyer
54 (L-60) Introduction to Archives for Rare Book Librarians Jackie Dooley and Bill Landis
55 (M-80) Western Manuscripts & Documents, 1500-2000 Nicolas Barker

28 July - 1 August in Charlottesville

61 (B-90) Publishers' Bookbindings 1830-1910 Sue Allen
62 (G-10) Introduction to the Principles of Bibliographical Description Richard Noble and David Gants
63 (H-50) The American Book in the Industrial Era Michael Winship
64 (I-30) Seminar in Book Illustration Processes Terry Belanger

20-24 October in New York City

71 (M-50) Introduction to Illuminated Manuscripts Roger Wieck

20-24 October in Washington DC

81 (I-90) The Art of the Book In Edo and Meiji Japan, 1615 - 1912 Ellis Tinios

3-7 November in Baltimore

91 (M-20) Introduction to Codicology Albert Derolez
92 (I-20) Book Illustration Processes to 1900 Terry Belanger