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B-50. Seminar in the History of Bookbinding

Jan Storm van Leeuwen

This course will deal with selected topics in the history of European, and to a lesser extent American, bookbinding from the early Middle Ages to the late c19. The topics covered in the course will vary to some extent from year to year. In 2009, topics will include (among others) late c15 textile chemise bindings, c16-18 French bibliophile bindings, c17-18 English bindings, c18 Dutch bindings, c19 special publishers' bindings in Europe and America, and binding with hidden fore-edge drawings (FEPs). The course will make use of the collections at the Walters Art Museum, Johns Hopkins, and bindings especially acquired by Rare Book School for this course.

In their personal statements, students are invited to describe particular interests in binding history that they would like to see addressed in this or future sessions of the course.

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Jan Storm van Leeuwen teaches this course for the first time.