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Rare Book School’s fellowship program began with the E. Ph. Goldschmidt Fellowship in 1995, followed in 1999 by the Reese Company and San Garde Fellowships, and in 2001 by the Ian Willison Fellowship.

Applications for these four fellowships are by invitation only, but RBS has a generous general scholarship program; see the RBS Scholarship page for details.

RBS-UVA Fellowships

Rare Book School is pleased to announce its new fellowship program for distinguished undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Virginia. In the spring of 2011, RBS will be accepting applications for a fellowship program (full scholarships to attend RBS) intended to advance UVA student scholarship.

To apply to the program, students will:

Students accepted to the program will submit a final version of the project to RBS by 13 April 2012, for publication to the School’s website.

Upcoming dates:

Q&A session at 4:30 p.m. on 15 April 2011
Applications due 2 May 2011