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L-30. Rare Book Cataloging

Deborah J. Leslie

Aimed at catalog librarians who find that their present duties include (or shortly will include) the cataloging of rare  printed monographics. The goal of the course is to provide intensive training in standard, national-level cataloging of rare books according to DCRM(B), along with an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully accomplish it. Attention will be given primarily to cataloging books from the hand-press period, with some application to post-1830 books in a special collections context. Topics include:

This course is restricted to working catalogers experienced in AACR2, MARC21, and general cataloging principles and practices. No knowledge of early books is necessary. Students should expect a moderate amount of daily homework.
Requirements: In their personal statement, applicants should describe their experience with machine-readable AACR2 cataloging and provide a brief description of the types and date range of materials they expect to catalog with DCRM(B). In addition, applicants are required to submit 1-3 typical bibliographic records of materials they currently are cataloging, preferably original cataloging of modern books or serials.

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Deborah J. Leslie has taught it at least once annually since 1998.


Various instructors taught this RBS course 14 times in this period.