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Preliminary Reading List

Advanced Seminar in Special Collections Administration

Samuel A. Streit & Merrily E.Taylor

Preliminary Advices

We have been developing this reading list since we initially began teaching our course more than a decade ago. The reading list consists of nearly everything available (there is not a great deal of published material on the administration of special collections), and hence not every article listed may be of equal value. The articles also cover more than fifty years of thought on the subject and indeed, some of the older articles are among the most interesting. Some of the works listed, such as Randolph Adams' "Librarians as Enemies of Books," reflect views and beliefs which underlie issues we will discuss in our seminar; others, such as Rosann M. Auchstetter's article, present an overview of administrative techniques and philosophies which may be useful to Special Collections administrators at a variety of levels. We have italicized those articles which you may find particularly useful, but nearly every item on the bibliography touches upon an issue, or a problem, which will be discussed during the seminar.

This year, because our institutions are going through an era of unprecedented change, we have included a list of articles on leading in a time of change. You will find these especially useful if you are experiencing, or contemplating, a library reorganization or other significant transformation in the way you do business.

The list is revised prior to each time we teach the course, so you will find recent publications of interest here, as well.

The reading list is presented as an additional resource, and it is not necessary to have read the articles prior to attending class.

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