Rare Book School Summer 1998

RBS Summer 1998 Evaluations

Week One
Monday 13 July - Friday 17 July 1998

No. 11 Lithography in the Age of the Hand Press Michael Twyman
No. 12 Publishers' Bookbindings, 1830-1910. Sue Allen
No. 13 Printing Design and Publication. Greer Allen
No. 14 Introduction to Rare Book Librarianship. Daniel Traister
No. 15 Advanced Seminar in Special Collections Administration. Samuel A. Streit and
Merrily E. Taylor
No. 16 Implementing Encoded Archival Description (Session I). Daniel Pitti

Week Two
Monday 20 July - Friday 24 July 1998

No. 21 History of Printed Book in the West. Martin Antonetti
No. 22 Book Illustration to 1890. Terry Belanger
No. 23 Collecting the History of Anglo-American Law. Morris L. Cohen and
David Warrington
No. 24 Rare Book Cataloging. Deborah J. Leslie
No. 25 Visual Materials Cataloging. Helena Zinkham
No. 26 Rare Book Cataloging for Curators. Eric Holzenberg and
Suzy Taraba
No. 27 Introduction to Electronic Texts and Images (Session I). David Seaman

Week Three
Monday 27 July - Friday 31 July 1998

No. 31 Introduction to Codioclogy. Albert Derolez
No. 32 Type, Lettering, and Calligraphy, 1450-1830. James Mosley
No. 33 Japanese Printmaking, 1615-1868. Sandy Kita
No. 34 The American Book in the Industrial Era, 1820-1940. Michael Winship
No. 35 Book Collecting. William Barlow, Jr. and
Terry Belanger
No. 36 How to Research a Rare Book. D. W. Krummel
No. 37 Implementing Encoded Archival Description (Session II). Daniel Pitti

Week Four
Monday 3 August - Friday 7 August 1998

No. 41 European Decorative Bookbinding. Mirjam Foot
No. 42 The Use of Physical Evidence in Early Printed Books. Paul Needham
No. 43 European Bookbinding, 1500-1800. Nicholas Pickwoad
No. 44 Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography. Terry Belanger and
Richard Noble
No. 45 Non-Book Media in Special Collections. Paul N. Banks
No. 46 Introduction to Electronic Texts and Images (Session II) David Seaman