The following resources may be helpful for travelers new to UVa and the Charlottesville area:

The rest of this document contains walking directions to the following UVa facilities:

Alderman Library

Alderman Library is a large, vaguely rectangular building, facing south. The original part, built in 1938, contains public rooms on the front (south) side behind which is a stack area now called the Old Stacks. A mid-1960s addition at the back (north) end of Alderman is called the New Stacks. The building is set into a hill sloping down to the rear: the main entrance, in the middle of the south front, is on the fourth floor; the back door (a service entrance) is three floors below, on the first floor.

Coming in the front door you enter a large room (with coffee bar and circulation desk) called Memorial Hall, directly beyond which a corridor with windows on both sides looking into the light well – the fourth floor Bridge – leads through a pair of propped open swinging doors into the Old Stacks. Immediately inside the Old Stacks, facing the doors you have just come through, is the Old Stacks elevator. Continuing straight ahead, around the elevator shaft, you come to the New Stacks through a fire door, facing which is the New Stacks elevator.

The Old Stacks elevator tends to be crowded at critical moments. The New Stacks elevator is less heavily used. Less crowded yet are the East and West Stairs. To reach them, turn right (east) or left (west) on entering Alderman and look for the stairs in the wings just beyond either end of Memorial Hall.

To the RBS Pressroom Suite (first floor):


Harrison/Small Special Collections Library

The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library is the newest addition to the UVa Library system, open since August 2004. In addition to housing UVa’s Special Collections, the building contains an auditorium and two classrooms that will be used during the RBS week. The building faces east, and its entrance is on the second floor.

To Special Collections (first floor):

Go through the front door into H/S and proceed one floor down the spiral staircase. From the foot of the stairs, proceed straight past the exhibition hall on your left and through the double doors to the Special Collections registration desk. Or, you may take the elevator (diagonally to your left upon entering the building) down one story and proceed diagonally and to the left toward Special Collections.


Clemons Library

Clemons is a 1970s structure on a terrace to the west of Alderman. The building is next door to, and easily visible from, the front steps of Alderman Library. Clemons Library faces north; the main entrance is on the fourth floor.

To 201 Clemons (second floor):

Go through the front doors into Clemons. Turn right and right again to get to the stairs and elevator. Go down two floors to the second floor. Turn right through the fire doors or out of the elevator and then turn right again. Walk down the short corridor and into Room 201.


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