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M-70. The Handwriting & Culture of Early Modern English Manuscripts

Heather Wolfe

This course provides an intensive introduction to handwriting in early modern England, with a particular emphasis on English secretary hand. Working from digital images, color photocopies, and manuscripts, participants will be trained in the accurate reading and transcription of secretary, italic, and mixed hands. Participants are requested to bring laptops if possible. We will also experiment with contemporary writing materials (quills, iron gall ink, and paper), learn the terminology for describing and comparing letterforms, decipher abbreviations, numbers, and dates, and discuss the important and evolving role of handwritten documents within a wider context of print, manuscript, and oral cultures. By the end of the week, each participant will create a “mini-edition” of a manuscript.

This course is intended for anyone who works with English manuscripts from the Tudor and Stuart periods.

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Course title is changed from "English Paleography, 1500–175o" to its current title.


Heather Wolfe teaches this course for the first time.