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This is the catalog of the various items available for purchase from Rare Book School.

How to Order

Domestic Shipping Rates: All BAP and RBS items are shipped within the US using United Parcel Service (UPS) for a flat fee of $5.00 plus $1.00 for each additional item. Shipping via UPS Ground typically delivers in one to five days; to inquire about expedited shipping options, please contact us. If we are shipping to a location within Virginia, please add 5% sales tax to all items (shipping is non-taxable). Please contact us for shipping rates on bulk orders.

International Orders and Shipping Rates: RBS must receive payment for all international orders before shipping merchandise. Please contact us before sending payment to confirm the total cost of your order, including international shipping. Note: International customers are responsible for paying any fees levied by the customs agencies of their countries; such fees are not included in the cost of shipping.

Discounts: We offer a 40% discount when ordering five or more copies of the same BAP book, pamphlet, or exhibition catalog.

Payment: We prefer VISA, American Express, and MasterCard; but we also accept checks and money orders. Please do not email us credit card information. We accept credit card information by phone only.

Customer Service: If you have a question or want to phone in credit card information, please call us at 434-924-8851 and ask for our office assistant.

Refunds: If any of the merchandise you order is damaged when it arrives, we will be happy to replace the item or provide a refund. 

Please send us your order by e-mail (storerbs@gmail.com), fax (434-924-8824), or post:
Book Arts Press
114 Alderman Library
PO Box 400103
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4103
Note: Orders must be received by 5 pm on 20 December for holiday delivery. The RBS Store is closed during the winter holiday break: 22 December, 2012 through 2 January, 2013.


30th Anniversary Gift Items (click thumbnails to view larger image)



30th Anniversary Mug


RBS Bonefolder

Handcrafted by Shanna Leino


Cream Anniversary T-Shirt

Available in sizes XS, S, L, XL, XXL.


2012 RBS Gift Items (click thumbnails to view larger image)

4 GB Book-shaped USB Drive


Ball-Point Pen


"Mess is Lore" Apron


Bumper Sticker


Water Bottle


White Kafka
"Frozen Sea" Mug


Green Canvas Tote Bag


White Canvas Tote Bag


Maroon Lanyard


Heather Grey T-Shirt

Available in sizes XS, S, L, XL, XXL.


Maroon T-Shirt

Available in sizes XS, S, M, XXL.


Navy Blue T-Shirt

Available in sizes XS, S, M.


Olive Green T-Shirt

Available in size Medium only.


Printer's Hats

  The RBS 2003 Christmas Card took the form of a large folded poster. One side consisted of an illustrated essay on the history of printers' hats; the other side contained instructions for refolding the poster into a printer's hat. In 2008, we reprinted a new edition of the printer's hat poster. See the Printer's hat picture below!


$.60/ea. (10 or more)

$.50/ea. (50 or more)

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Books and Pamphlets

  BAP Address Book. Lists of: the Friends of Rare Book School, Rare Book School attendees 1983-2007, all courses offered by RBS 1983-2008, BAP/RBS Lectures nos. 1-500, ABAA members, ARL senior librarians, &c., &c. All Friends receive a copy of this publication, which appears approximately every two years. To join the Friends of Rare Book School, please visit our Friends of RBS page. Additional copies are available to Friends at $15 per copy. $30
  Breslauer, B. H. The Uses of Bookbinding Literature. 1986. An annotated and evaluative guide to the literature of bookbinding. $10
  de Hamel, Christopher. Cutting up Manuscripts for Pleasure and Profit. 1996. The 1995 Sol. M. Malkin Lecture. Second Printing, 1998. $10
  Printing & Graphic Arts. Through the kindness of Roderick Stinehour, the BAP has mint copies for sale of bound volumes V through IX of this distinguished periodical (1953-65), as well as individual copies of a number of single issues. The bound volumes are $7 each; individual issues are $2 each. Our diminishing stock of these issues and volumes varies at any given point; ask us what's currently available!
  Rare Book School 1993 Yearbook. Names and addresses of participants and complete course evaluations; 218 pp, with about 50 photographs. $10
  Rare Book School 1998 Yearbook. As above, sans course evaluations; 72 pp, with about 7 photographs. $5
  Rare Book School 1999 Yearbook. As above; 91 pages, with about 60 photographs. $5
  Schiller, Justin G. Pioneering Collectible Children's Books: The First 100 Years. 2002. The 1993 Sol. M. Malkin Lecture. $10
  Stoddard, Roger E. 'Put a Resolute Hart to a Steep Hill': William Gowans, Antiquary and Bookseller. 1990. The 1988 Sol. M. Malkin Lecture. $10
  Tanselle, G. Thomas. Introduction to Bibliography: Seminar Syllabus. Fifth BAP edition, 2002. 370 pp. $25
  ______. Introduction to Scholarly Editing: Seminar Syllabus. Second BAP edition, 2002. 257 pp. $20
  ______. Libraries, Museums, and Reading. The 1990 Sol. M. Malkin Lecture. $10
  Winship, Michael. Hermann Ernst Ludewig: America's Forgotten Bibliographer. 1986. The 1985 Sol. M. Malkin Lecture. $10
  Miller, Daniel J. Books go to the Rotunda: Reflections of a First-Time Curator. 1997. $5
  Fine, Ruth Z. The Janus Press 1981-1991. $20
  Keepsake. In Praise of Rare Book School. For contributors to the Rare Book School Director's Scholarship Fund. BAP 2009. $5
  Allen, Sue. Lecture of Hawthorne's "Wonder Book." $12
  Leab, Daniel J. It Is Impossible to Sell Animal Stories in America, Mr Orwell: George Orwell and His Publishers. A Book Arts Press Exhibition Drawn from the Collection of Daniel J. Leab Held in the Rotunda of the University of Virginia 6 February–15 May 1997. 52 pp. $5

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  Two classic Book Arts Press Publications now remastered on one region-free DVD: The Anatomy of a Book: Part I: Format in the Hand-Press Period and The Making of a Renaissance Book.

Also sold with a workbook, practice sheets of facsimile chainline paper, and a set of facsimile format sheets (see Facsimiles of Bibliographical Format below).


  Two classic Book Arts Press Publications now remastered on one region-free DVD: How to Operate a Book and From Punch to Printing Type. $25

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  From Punch to Printing Type: The Art and Craft of Hand Punchcutting and Typecasting. A 45-minute videotape (VHS; available both in NTSC and PAL) featuring Stan Nelson; directed by Peter Herdrich. 1985. $50

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Bibliographical Facsimilies

  Facsimile Chainline Paper. Sheets of 11" x 15" paper with schematic deckles, chainlines, tranchefiles, a watermark and a countermark printed on both sides of each sheet; intended for use in teaching the principles of bibliographical format. Available in orders of 25, 100, or 500 sheets (1 ream). $10/25
  Facsimiles of Bibliographical Format. A set of six facsimile sheets showing various bibliographical formats (2º, 4º, 8º, 8º in half-sheet imposition, 12ºin 12s, 12ºin 6s). Each set includes 18 format sheets (three copies of each of the six facsimiles), 10 sheets of facsimile chainline paper (see description above) and the Format dvd workbook $35

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Past Rare Book School Gift Items

2008 Mug Design   2007 Mug Design   2006 Mug Design   2005 Mug Design   2004 Mug Design   2003 Mug Design   2001 Mug Design2002 Mug Design  mug09/2013/mug10

RBS Coffee Mugs

All mugs are dark blue with yellow printing. Each year features a different lion:
2010 E Pluribus Unum, 2009 Hail & Farewell, 2008 25th Anniversary, 2007 Pen, 2006 Coins, 2005 Monk, 2004 Suit,
2003 Postage stamp, 2002 Paper airplane, 2001 Skating

$5 each

Shirt Design (Front)   Shirt Design (Back)   2005 Shirt Design (Front)   2007 Shirt Design (Front)

RBS T-Shirts

(From left to right: RBS shirt front design, RBS shirt back design, 2005 RBS shirt front design, 2007 RBS shirt front design)

I. RBS T-shirts are white, 100% cotton with a purple lion wielding a yellow
lightning bolt on the back and the RBS logo on the front chest area.

II. RBS 2005 T-Shirts only have a small lion (with tonsured head and monk's
robe) on the front. Colors & Sizes: Pine (S M L); Cardinal (S M L XL);
and Graphite (S M L XL)

I. $10                       II. $12.50

Printers' Hats

The RBS 2003 Christmas Card took the form of a large folded poster. One side consisted of an illustrated essay on the history of printers' hats; the other side contained instructions for refolding the poster into a printer's hat. In 2008, we reprinted a new edition of the printer's hat poster. Individual copies are for sale for $1 each; they are $.60 each in quantities of 10 or more, and $.50 each in quantities of 50 or more.