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I-20. Book Illustration Processes to 1900

Terry Belanger

The identification of illustration processes and techniques, including (but not only) woodcut, etching, engraving, stipple, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, wood engraving, steel engraving, process line and halftone relief, collotype, photogravure, and color printing.
        Almost the sole medium of instruction in this course will be actual examples of original prints drawn from the extensive RBS collections, most of the former divided into individual packets all from the same (or a very similar) source, with one example for each student. Students will study the packets under close supervision, using 8X loupes and 30X microscopes (both provided), as necessary.
        The course will include laboratory sessions in which students will make and proof a relief cut, an etching, and a drypoint. No artistic talent is assumed or expected.
        In their personal statement, prospective applicants should describe the extent of their formal and/or informal background in the field.

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Course History


Terry Belanger has taught this course at least once annually since 1988.


Terry Belanger and Joan Friedman teach this course four times.