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Institutes related to the Rare Book School can currently be found in the following countries:


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Los Angeles, California

The California Rare Book School (CALRBS) is a continuing education program dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills required by professionals working in all aspects of the rare book community and for students interested in entering the field. CALRBS offers weeklong courses covering a broad range of topics.

Students at the California Rare Book School benefit from expert faculty and the wealth of special collections of rare books, manuscripts and archival materials in the Los Angeles area. The CALRBS schedule is available from the CALRBS website.

College Station, Texas

Since 2001, Professor Steven Escar Smith (Director, Cushing Library and Archives, Texas A&M University) has directed an annual Texas A&M Workshop in the History of Books and Printing. The five-day workshop is intended for librarians, archivists, students, teachers, collectors, and private individuals who have an interest in the first three and a half centuries of the printed book. The course consists of a unique combination of labs and seminars designed to provide students with practical experience as well as a broad historical survey of the field. The labs, centered around Cushing's period-accurate common press, will allow students to experience bookmaking in the hand press era, with sessions devoted to printing, typesetting, papermaking, typecasting, and bookbinding.

For further information, consult the Book History at Texas A&M workshop website.

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

In 2007, the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign partnered with the IU Rare Book & MSS Library, to form the Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies Program (MBMS). The MBMS offers a series of courses and workshops focused on special collections and the book arts. The program offers both two-week summer classes that can be taken credit/no-credit, and traditional semester-long credit courses. A wide variety of subjects are covered, including rare book & special collections librarianship, archives, and the history of papermaking, printing, and manuscripts. The MBMS also offers a Certificate in Special Collections, a 12-credit-hour graduate certificate open to library and information science professionals and students who want to develop expertise in special collections librarianship and to other professionals interested in developing or enhancing their knowledge of special collections.

For further information, see the Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies Program website.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar is held annually at Colorado College, Colorado Springs. “Specialists share their expertise and experience with booksellers, librarians, and collectors in this comprehensive survey of the out-of-print, antiquarian, rare and used book markets. Basic procedures and problems are discussed both formally and informally through a series of lectures, demonstrations, discussions and practical workshops.”

For further information, consult the Book Seminar’s website.


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École de Institut d'histoire du livre | Book History Workshop

The Book History Workshop (BHW) was inaugurated in 2001 in Lyon under the auspices of the Institut d'histoire du livre. The BHW offers courses in both English and French at the Ecole Normale Supérieure - Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Lyon), with sessions at the Lyon Printing Museum and the rare book collection of the City Library.

For further information, consult the Institut’s website.
or write
Institut d’histoire du livre
c/o Musée de l’imprimerie de Lyon
13 rue de la Poulaillerie
69002 Lyon
or email


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Ligatus Summer School: Identifying and recording bookbinding structures
for conservation and cataloguing

In its 4th year and following the success of the courses in Volos and Patmos, the Ligatus Summer School is organised this year in collaboration with the Aristotle University and the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki. It is taking place mainly in the city of Thessaloniki with visits to the important monastic libraries of Mount Athos, and the monasteries of Ormylia and Meteora. For further information, consult the Ligatus Summer School website.


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Montefiascone Project

Montefiascone is a medieval walled Italian city located about half way between Rome and Siena. Each summer, conservators, archivists, art historians, librarians and others interested in the history and the structure of the book meet to participate in courses which are held within the city walls.

Further information on the Montefiascone Project’s website:


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Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies

In 2001, a Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies was created at the University of London by merger of the Centre for Palaeography and the Research Centre in the History of the Book. The Institute of English Studies (part of London University's School of Advanced Study) hosts the Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies for a partnership including the British Library, St Bride Printing Library, the University of London Library, the English Departments of the Universities of Birmingham and Reading, and the Open University. Since 2004, the new Centre's Summer School in Manuscript Studies has offered a variety of related one-day courses on medieval manuscripts and related subjects. For details consult the Centre’s website.

The first London Rare Books School (LRBS) ran in July 2007, a series of four-day, intensive courses on a variety of book-related subjects taught by internationally-known scholars associated with the Institute's Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies, using the library and museum resources of London, including the British Library, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the University of London Research Library Services.

Further details can be found at the London Rare Books School website.


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New Zealand

Rare Books Summer School 2009

The fifth Australia and New Zealand Rare Book Summer School will be held in Melbourne at the State Library of Victoria (and other associated venues) from 9-13 February 2009.

The courses include:

Exhibitions: The Art and the Practicalities
Instructors: Eric Holzenberg & Donald Kerr

Critical Bibliography for Editors and Book Historians
Instructors: Michael Suarez, S.J.

Looking Beyond Texts" Using Copy-Specific Evidence
Instructor: David Pearson
Each of the four courses runs for the five full days of the school.

The tuition fee is NZ $800 (NZ and Australian students); NZ $950 (international).

For further information contact:

Department of English
University of Otago
P.O. Box 56
Dunedin 9054
New Zealand

Tel: 64 3 479 8892
Fax: 64 3 479 8858
URL: http://www.otago.ac.nz/english/drbs/furtherinformation.html


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Summer School in the Study of Old Books

The main goal of the Summer School in the Study of Old Books is to acquaint participants with the most recent developments and newly emerged concepts in the fields of: historical method and epistemology, old book research and bibliography, bibliographic information organization and its relation to the archival context, conservation and preservation; and to provide practical introduction to old books collection management with contemporary approaches to digitization. The Summer School also aims to provide participants with insight into current research of old books and manuscripts, and to raise their awareness of rich and technologically advanced research information sources such as European Hand Press Book Database, and the Portal for cross-searching catalogues of European manuscript materials.

The Summer School in the Study of Old Books targets doctoral students and recent doctoral graduates studying in the fields of: history of book, library and information sciences, archival studies, and cultural heritage studies. It also targets the university faculty, researchers and practitioners working in memory institutions in the fields related to the topics of the School.

The tuition fee is €100 (doctoral students); €200 (all others).

For further information contact:

Sveučilište u Zadru  University of Zadar
Odjel za knjižničarstvo  Departement for Library Science
Ulica dr. Franje Tuđmana 24i
23000 Zadar
New Zealand

Tel: +385 023/345-011
URL: http://ozk.unizd.hr/ssob/