RBS-ASECS Scholarship

The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) and Rare Book School (RBS) at the University of Virginia are partnering to offer full-tuition scholarships to attend an RBS course to qualifying ASECS members. To be eligible for an RBS-ASECS scholarship, applicants must be current ASECS members and attending RBS for the first time. Beneficiaries of this scholarship receive full tuition to an RBS course.

Following completion of the RBS course, the scholarship recipient will be asked to submit a 300-word description of how the RBS course will assist the recipient in pursuing their research or teaching agenda.

Applications will be accepted directly by RBS. To apply, please submit an RBS scholarship application by the 1 November deadline. See the main scholarship page for application instructions. Scholarship applicants will be considered for all awards for which they are eligible. Participation in the RBS scholarship program implies acceptance of the scholarship Terms and Conditions.

Previous Winners

2024 – Heather Heckman-McKenna
2023 – Dylan Lewis
2020– Megan Cole
2019 – Renee Bryzik
– Eileen Horansky
2016 – María Verónica Muñoz-Nájar Luque
2015 – Christine Woody
2014 – Christine Griffiths
2013 – Jordan Howell
2012 – Zachary Hutchins