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In 2020, RBS responded to the pandemic by offering a varied series of free digital programs centered on bibliography and the history of the book. These programs focused on the study of textual artifacts and their crucial role in shaping understandings of cultural heritage and informing humanistic research. The offerings included five series: a Course-Related Content Series offered by RBS faculty members that will be available to students who were enrolled at RBS this summer in some cases and, in others, open to wider audiences; a Panel Discussion Series, featuring RBS faculty members and colleagues from the broader book community; a Young Book Lovers Series, designed to engage K-12 audiences as well as others new to the book; a Lecture Series, building off of RBS’s traditional programming; and a BiblioVideo Series, highlighting pedagogy and research with textual artifacts.

This content, while not a substitute for Rare Book School’s full courses, provided an opportunity to gather and pursue our shared love of learning what bibliographical materials reveal about human history and human nature, how to care for these remarkable objects, and how to share what we know with the wider world.

Many of the events listed below that occurred in 2020 were recorded and are now available for public viewing. You can access the recordings by consulting the webpages listed below or by visiting the Rare Book School YouTube channel

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