G-75. Paper as Bibliographical Evidence - Advance Reading List

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  • Required Reading

    Entries in bold are available in a PDF to download. Admitted students will be provided with the PDFs prior to the start of the course.

    Baker, Cathleen A. “Chapter 3. Papermaking by Hand and by Machine,” “Chapter 5. Paper Characteristics,” “Appendix C. Names and Dimensions of Typical Nineteenth-Century Papers,” and “Appendix D. Testing Methods.” In From the Hand to the Machine. Nineteenth-Century American Paper and Mediums: Technologies, Materials, and Conservation, 34–65, 94–132, 300–01. 2nd imp. Ann Arbor: The Legacy Press, 2014.

    Course participants can purchase this book and any other TLP title on this reading list at a 25% discount (plus s/h) by emailing the publisher: thelegacypress@gmail.com. Full disclosure: TLP is owned by the course leader.

    Gaskell, Philip. “Notes on Eighteenth-Century British Paper.” The Library, ser. 5, 12 (March 1957): 34–42.

    Gaskell, Philip. “Bibliographical Description.” In A New Introduction to Bibliography, 321–22, 333–34. New Castle, DE.: Oak Knoll Press, 1995.

    Povey, K., and I.J.C. Foster. “Turned Chain-Lines.” The Library, ser. 5, 5 (1950–51): 184–200.

    Stevenson, Allan. “Watermarks are Twins.” Studies in Bibliography 4 (1951–52): 57–91.

    Stevenson, Allan. “Chain-Indentations in Paper as Evidence.” Studies in Bibliography 6 (1954): 181–95.

    Stevenson, Allan. “Paper as Bibliographical Evidence.” The Library, ser. 5, 17 (1962): 197–212.

  • Highly Recommended Reading for Participants Who Are Unfamiliar with the Manufacture of Hand- and Machine-Made Papers

    Baker, Cathleen A. “Chapter 2. Rag Preparation,” “Chapter 4. Processing Innovations and New Fiber Sources.” In From the Hand to the Machine, 2nd imp., 20–33, 66–93. Ann Arbor: The Legacy Press, 2014.

    Barrett, Timothy. “Chapter 1. Traditional European Papermaking.” In European Hand Papermaking: Traditions, Tools, and Techniques, 2nd ed., 1–45. Ann Arbor: The Legacy Press, 2019.

    Moore, Timothy. “Appendix C. Mould and Deckle Construction.” In European Hand Papermaking, 2nd ed., 254–290. Ann Arbor: The Legacy Press, 2019.

  • Highly Recommended Reading for Participants Who are Unfamiliar with Letterpress-Printing Technology in the Hand-Press Period

    Baker, Cathleen A. “Chapter 6. Relief Printing.” In From the Hand to the Machine, 133–171. 2nd imp. Ann Arbor: The Legacy Press, 2014.

    Gaskell, Philip. “Imposition,” “Presswork.”  In A New Introduction to Bibliography, 78–141. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 1995.

  • Selected Further Readings

    Abbott, Jacob. Harper’s Story Books. The Harper Establishment; or, How the Story Books Are Made. New York: Harper & Bros., 1855.

    Albro, Silvia. Fabriano: City of Medieval and Renaissance Papermaking. New Castle, Del.: Oak Knoll Press, 2016.

    Anon. “Books on Water-Marks.” Journal of the Royal Society of Arts 57, no. 2932 (January 1909): 205–07.

    Atkinson, Richard MacIntyre, trans. The Art of Papermaking. Kilmurry, Ireland: Ashling Press, 1976. Translation of LaLande.

    Audin, M. “De l’Origine du Papier Vélin.” Gutenberg Jahrbuch (1928): 69–86.

    Baker, Cathleen A. “The Wove Paper in John Baskerville’s Virgil (1757): Made on a Cloth-Covered Laid Mould.” In Papermaker’s Tears: Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper. Vol. 1, 2–44. Ann Arbor, Mich.: The Legacy Press, 2019.

    Bidwell, John. “The Study of Paper as Evidence, Artefact, and Commodity.” In The Book Encompassed: Studies in Twentieth-Century Bibliography, ed. Peter Davison, 69–82. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Also “The Study of Paper as Evidence, Artifact, and Commodity.” In Paper and Type: Bibliographical Essays, 3–18. Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 2019.

    Bower, Peter. Turner’s Later Papers: A Study of the Manufacture, Selection, and Use of His Drawing Papers 1820–1851. New Castle, Del.: Oak Knoll Press, 1999.

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    Bower, Peter. “The Development of Wove Papermaking in England 1756–1812.” In The Mould: Paper- and Mould-Makers in the History of Western Paper, ed. Giancarlo Castagnari, 91–100. Fabriano: Istocarta, 2015.

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    Cohen, Colin, and Geoffrey Wakeman. The Art of Making Paper. Loughborough, U.K.: Plough Press, 1978, 5–31. This is a reprint of an English translation of Lalande that appeared in the Universal Magazine (March 1762): 113–117; (May 1762): 260–267; (June 1762): 281–282.

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