Early RBS Courses Not Currently Offered

The Rare Book School courses listed here were offered at least once between 1983 and 2000 (prior to the introduction in 2001 of the current course-numbering system). Date ranges (i.e. 1983–1987) indicate that the course was taught annually during that period (excluding 1992, when no RBS courses were offered). Courses for which there is a currently-offered equivalent or close equivalent are noted. Within each subject area, courses are organized by year first offered and then by instructor’s last name. For current courses, see the Course Descriptions page.


Comparative Historical Bookbindings and their Preservation | Sue Allen, Christopher Clarkson & Gary Frost (1983)

Theory and Practice of Conservation Bookbinding | Gary Frost (1984)

The Study of American Bookbindings, 1660–1830 | Willman Spawn (1984)

Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Bookbinding Structures | Christopher Clarkson (1987)

Collecting and Collection Management

The Well-Tempered Collection | Paul N. Banks (1985)

Developing Local History Collections | David B. Gracy II (1985)

Evidence of Ownership: Tools and Techniques for Investigating the History of an Early Printed Book | Nicolas Barker & Robin Halwas (1986–1987). Precursor course to C-90. Provenance: Tracing Owners & Collections.

Developing Collections of Fine Printing | D. Steven Corey, with Francis O. Matteson & Claire Van Vliet (1986–1987)

Western Americana | George A. Miles & William S. Reese (1986–1987)

Curatorship of Non-book and Museum Objects | Ellen S. Dunlap (1987)

Building 20th-Century Literary Collections (1987, 1989); Collecting Modern Literature (1991) | Anthony Rota

Developing Resources for Teaching the History of the Book | Terry Belanger (1988). Precursor course to H-90. Teaching the History of the Book.

Collecting Travel Literature | John Parker (1993–1995)

Non-Book Media in Special Collections | Paul N. Banks (1998)

General: Descriptive and Textual Bibliography

Scholarly Editing | G. Thomas Tanselle (1984–1987). Precursor course to G-55. Scholarly Editing: Principles & Practice.

Bibliography of 19th-Century American Books | Michael Winship (1986)

American Historical Bibliography | George A. Miles & William S. Reese (1989, 1990, 1993). Precursor course to L-45. Reference Sources for Researching Printed Americana.

Descriptive Bibliography, 1820–1914 | Michael Winship (1989–1993)

Music as Bibliographical Artifact | D. W. Krummel (1994)


The 16th-Century Book | Nicolas Barker & Ruth Mortimer (1983)

The Study of Incunabula | Paul Needham & Felix de Marez Oyens (1983–1984); Introduction to the Study of Incunabula and Post-Incunabula | Felix de Marez Oyens (1985)

The 19th-Century Book (1983); The 19th-Century English & American Book (1984); Sources for the Study of the 19th-Century English & American Book (1985) | Michael Turner & Michael Winship

Historical Children’s Literature, 1740–1900 | Gerald Gottlieb & Justin Schiller (1984); Historical Childrens’ Literature, 1740–1865: A Bibliographical Examination (1985–1986); Historical Childrens’ Literature, 1744–1900 (1989) | Margaret Crawford Maloney & Justin Schiller; Children’s Books, 1740–1860 | Justin Schiller (1996)

The Handmade Book, 1450–1550 | Nicolas Barker (1984)

Rare Materials in Music, 1500–1900 (1984, 1987); Rare Materials in Music (1991) | Jean Bowen & Susan T. Sommer

The 18th-Century English Book | Michael Crump & Alexandra Mason (1984)

Greek Scholars, Scribes & Printers of the Renaissance | Nicolas Barker (1985)

English Children’s Texts, 1740–1820 | Samuel F. Pickering (1985)

Introduction to the History of the Book (1985); The History of the Book (1986–1988); History of the Printed Book (1989–1994) | Alice D. Schreyer & Peter M. VanWingen. Precursor course to H-10. The History of the Book, 200–2000.

History of the American Book | Michael Winship & Edwin Wolfe 2d. (1987–1988). Precursor course to H-15. The History of the Book in America: A Survey from Colonial to Modern.

Physical Evidence in Early Printed Books (1988–1991); The Use of Physical Evidence in Early Printed Books (1993, 1996–1999) | Paul Needham

Rare Slavic Books & Manuscripts | Eugene Beshenkovsky (1989)

The Big Change: British Publishing History, 1780–1840 (1989); Publishing History, 1775–1850 | Michael Turner (1991, 1994, 1999). Precursor course to H-45. Printing, Publishing, and Consuming Texts in Britain, 1770–1919.

Books and Artists: Developments in the 19th and 20th Centuries | Eleanor M. Garvey (1991). Precursor course to H-35. Modern Art of the Book.

History of the Printed Book in the West | Martin Antonetti (1995–1998). Precursor course to H-30. The Printed Book in the West to 1800 and H-40. The Printed Book in the West since 1800.

The Company of Stationers to 1637 (1995); The Company of Stationers and the London Book Trade to 1637 (1996) | Peter Blayney. Precursor course to H-80. The Stationers’ Company to 1775.

Book Production in 16th-Century France | Jeanne Veyrin-Forrer (1995)

The Codex Book in the West, 500–2000 | Eric Holzenberg & Suzy Taraba (1999). Precursor course to H-10. The History of the Book, 200–2000.

Illustration and Printing Processes

The Illustrated Book in 16th-Century France and Italy | Ruth Mortimer (1984)

Libraries, Archives, and Electronic Resources

Preservation for Rare Book Librarians and Archivists | Pamela W. Darling & Carolyn Harris (1983); Introduction to Preservation | Pamela W. Darling (1985)

Interpreting Rare Books and Manuscripts to their Community | John Parker & Daniel Traister (1983)

Microcomputers for Rare Book Libraries | John Bidwell (1984); Microcomputer Applications for Special Collections | Joan Friedman (1987)

Introduction to Archives | David B. Gracy II & Linda Henry (1984)

Rare Book Exhibitions | Elizabeth M. Harris & Robert Nikirk (1984–1985)

Introduction to Rare Book Librarianship for Archivists | John Parker & Daniel Traister (1984)

Special Collections Development | Roger Stoddard (1984–1985)

Selected Topics in Rare Book Cataloging | Earl Taylor (1985)

Developing Preservation Programs in Special Collections Departments | Jan Merrill-Oldham (1986)

Introduction to Photography Curatorship (1986); Introduction to Photographic Curatorship (1987) | James Reilly & Julia Van Haaften

Integrated Descriptive Systems for Manuscripts and Archives | Susan E. Davis & Robert Sink (1989)

Problems in Preservation | Carolyn Harris (1989)

The Librarian as Connoisseur | Nicolas Barker & Robin Halwas (1990)

Introduction to Map Curatorship | Robert W. Karrow, Jr. (1990–1991)

Electronic Formats in a Rare Books Environment | John Price-Wilkin, David Seaman & Christie Stephenson (1993); John Price-Wilkin (1994)

Special Collections Friends and Relations | William P. Barlow, Jr. (1994). Precursor course to L-55. Donors and Libraries.

Research Library Development | Lynda Corey Claasen & Myrna Jackson (1994)

The Antiquarian Book Trade: Introduction for Rare Book Librarians | Peter Howard (1994)

Refocusing Special Collections | Hendrik Edelman (1995)

Rare Book Libraries: A Perspective for Booksellers | Richard Landon (1995–1996)

Introduction to the Internet | David Seaman (1994–1995); Peter-john Byrnes & Kelly Tetterton (1996)

Introduction to the Curatorship of Historical Health Science Collections | Katherine E. S. Donahue & Joan Echtenkamp Klein (1996)

Rare Book Cataloging for Curators | Eric Holzenberg & Suzy Taraba (1998)


Italian Humanistic Manuscripts of the 15th Century | Albinia de la Mare (1986, 1987, 1991)

Introduction to Latin Paleography | Albert Derolez (1994). Precursor course to M-10. Introduction to Paleography, 800–1500.

Typography and Book Design

The Design and Production of Exhibit and Collection Catalogs and Related Materials | Greer Allen (1985–1986)

History of American Book Design, 1850–1970 | Greer Allen, with David R. Godine & Susan Otis Thompson (1986)

English and American Book Design, 1888–1986 (1987); English and American Book Design, 1888–1988 (1988) | Greer Allen & John Dreyfus

From Readers’ Tickets to Exhibition Catalogs: A Practicum in Design & Production | Greer Allen (1989)

Making a Good Impression: Letterpress Printing for Historians and Bibliographers | Brett Charbeneau (1997)