Frederick Bearman Research Grant: Call for Applications

Each year, the Institute of Conservation’s Book & Paper Group (Icon B&PG) awards the Frederick Bearman Research Grant, which offers up to £1,000 towards research into any aspect of books, paper, or archival materials. Applicants’ research topics should in some way be of interest and importance to the book and paper conservation profession but does not exclusively need to be about conservation.

The application deadline is 20 November 2002. For more information, including how to apply, click here.

Individuals at all stages of their careers are invited to apply, including as part of a collaboration. You do not need to be an Icon member to apply but would need to become a member if awarded the grant. The recipient of the award will be selected by an expert panel and will present their investigations as the keynote speaker(s) at the Frederick Bearman Memorial Lecture. The Icon B&PG will support the recipient every step of the way and assist with any relevant issues that arise.