Bibliography Among the Disciplines Conference

Date: 12 October 2017 – 15 October 2017
Time: Times vary
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Presented by: Rare Book School and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Bibliography Among the Disciplines, a four-day international conference to be held in Philadelphia from 12 to 15 October 2017, will bring together scholarly professionals who are poised to address current problems pertaining to the study of textual artifacts that cross scholarly, pedagogical, professional, and curatorial domains. The conference will explore theories and methods common to the object-oriented disciplines, such as anthropology and archaeology, but new to bibliography. The Bibliography Among the Disciplines program, supported by Rare Book School and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, aims to promote focused cross-disciplinary exchange and future scholarly collaborations.

See the conference website for full schedule information and additional details.

Conference Audio

Plenary Session 1: Historicizing Critical Bibliography (Audio)

Plenary Session 2: The Future of the Past: Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age (Audio)

Plenary Session 3: “Bibliography Among the Disciplines” Community Plenary (Audio)

Paper Session 1: Graphic Representation: Illustration & Diagrams (Audio)

Paper Session 2: Textual Instruments (Audio)

Paper Session 3: Questions of Scale, Production & Labor (Audio)

Paper Session 4: Transmission & Transfer of Images (Audio)

Paper Session 5: Degradation, Loss, Recovery & Fragmentation (Audio)

Paper Session 6: Materiality of Digital Objects (Audio)

Paper Session 7: The Social Life of Books: Uses of Text & Image Beyond Reading & Viewing (Audio)

Paper Session 8: Books as Agents of Contact (Audio)

Paper Session 9: Manuscript in the Age of Print (Audio)

Paper Session 10: Reading the Whole Book: Object Interpretation (Audio)

Paper Session 11: Comparative Histories of the Book (Audio)

Paper Session 12: Reappraising the Redundant: The Value of Copies in the Study of Textual Artifacts (Audio)

Pop-Up Session 1: Critical Bibliography and Social Justice Roundtable (Audio; Q&A only due to technical glitch)

Roundtable 2: Performance, Textuality & Orality (Audio)

Roundtable 3: Authorship (Audio)

Roundtable 4: Digitization, Representation & Access (Audio)

Roundtable 5: Materiality as a Sustainable Humanistic Discourse (Audio)

Roundtable 6: Ethics & Responsibility in the Bibliosphere (Audio)

Short Presentations 1: Tools for Data Analysis & Visualization (Audio)

Short Presentations 2: Innovative Pedagogy with Material Objects (Audio)

Short Presentations 3: Teaching with Stuff: Building Bibliographical Collections at Rare Book School with Limited (or no) Financial Resources; or, Necessity Is the Mother of Invention (Audio)

Short Presentations 4: Teaching Global Book History (Audio)

Short Presentations 5: Dynamics of Digital Collections (Audio)

Short Presentations 6: The Book and Its Time: Developing a ‘Period Eye’ (Audio)