B-50. Advanced Seminar in the History of Bookbinding - Advance Reading List

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  • Preliminary Advices

    Please read—or at least look carefully at—as many as possible of the following books before coming to Charlottesville.

  • Study

    Foot, Mirjam J. Eloquent Witnesses: Bookbindings and their HistoryLondon & New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 2004. Read “Bookbinding Research, Pitfalls, Possibilities and Needs,” pp. 13–29.

    Foot, Mirjam J. Studies in the History of Bookbinding. Aldershot, Brookfield: 1993. Read “Bookbinding and the History of Books,” pp. 2–14 and “Bookbinding patronage in England,” pp. 300–323.

    Goldschmidt, E. Ph. Gothic & Renaissance bookbindings, exemplified and illustrated from the author’s collection. 2 vols. London: 1928 (repr. Nieuwkoop, 1967). Read pp. 116–126.

    Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century. Houten, 2006. Read Volume I, Chapter 1 (pp. 1–138) and Volume III, pp. 629–635 and 813–825.

  • Terminology

  • Examples of description

    Bearman, Frederick A., Nati Krivatsy, J. Franklin Mowery. Fine and historic bookbindings from the Folger Shakespeare Library. Washington: 1992.

    Foot, Mirjam J. The Henry Davis gift: a collection of bookbindings. Volumes II, III. London: 1983–2010.

    Nixon, Howard M. Sixteenth-century gold-tooled bookbindings in the Pierpont Morgan Library. New York: 1981.

    Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century. ‘t Goy-Houten: 2006. 3 vols. in 4 bindings. Read Volume III.

    Tidcombe, Marianne. The bookbindings of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson, a study of his work 1884-1893 ... London: 1984.

  • Some subjects

    Bookbindings from the library of Jean Grolier; a loan exhibition, 23 September–31 October 1965, by Howard M. Nixon. London: 1965.

    Hobson, Anthony. Humanists and bookbinders: the origins and diffusion of the humanistic bookbinding 1459–1559Cambridge, New York, etc: 1989.

    Lafitte, Marie-Pierre and Fabienne Lebars. Reliures royales de la Renaissance ; la librairie de Fontainebleau, 1544-1570. Paris: 1999.

    de Conhout, Isabelle. “Madame de Pompadour als Bibliophile” in Madame de Pompadour und die Künste. Herausg. Xavier Salmon, Johann Geord Prinz von Hohenzollern. München: 2002. (French edition Madame de Pompadour et les arts. Paris 2002).

    Nixon, Howard M. English Restoration Bookbindings: Samuel Mearne and his contemporaries. British Museum Exhibition. London: 1974. Read pp. 10–48.

    Nixon, Howard M. and Mirjam M. Foot. The history of decorated bookbinding in England. Oxford: 1992.

    Coppens, C. “The Prize is the Proof; four Centuries of Prize Books.” In Eloquent Witnesses; Bookbindings and their History, edited by Mirjam M. Foot, 53–105. London, & New Castle. Oak Knoll Press, 2004.

    Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century. ‘t Goy-Houten: 2006. 3 vols. in 4 bindings. Read Volume I, pp. 30–31.

  • Publishers' bindings

    Allen, Sue and Charles Gullans. Decorated Cloth in America: Publishers’ Bindings 1840–1910. [Los Angeles]: 1994.

    Barber, Giles. “L’évolution de la couverture imprimée“, in : La bibliographie matérielle, prés. par Roger Laufer. Paris: 1983. Read pp. 63–74.

    Barber, Giles. “Continental paper wrappers and publisher’s bindings in the eighteenth century.” The Book Collector 24 (1975): 37–49.

    Bennett, Stuart. Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles 1660–1800. New Castle & London: Oak Knoll Press, 2004.

    Malavielle, Sophie. Reliures et cartonnages d’éditeur en France au XIXe siëcle (1815-1865). Paris: 1985.

    McLean, Rauri. Victorian Publisher’s book-bindings in cloth and leather. London: 1974.

    McLean, Rauri. Victorian Publisher’s book-bindings in paper. London: 1983.

    Pearson, David. English Bookbinding Styles 1450–1800. London & New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 2005.

    Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. “Some observations on Dutch publisher’s bindings up till 1800.” In Bookbinding & Other Bibliophily; Essays in Honour of Anthony Hobson, edited by Dennis Rhodes, 287–319. Verona, 1994.