RBS Announces Summer 2022 Course Applications

Applications for summer 2022 courses are now being accepted. To apply, you will first need to create an account in our new Salesforce-based myRBS system. Please visit our user registration page. Next, follow one of these three steps:

  • If you are applying to RBS for the first time, simply enter your name and email address to create an account.
  • To connect to a pre-existing account from our old system, check the box indicating that you wish to reclaim that old account. Then enter your name and any email address that you might have entered into your old myRBS profile. The system will attempt to connect you to your account. If no such email address is found, a new, blank account will automatically generate for you; please make sure to fill out email, phone, and address information. RBS staff will then manually match and merge your two user accounts within 48 hours, retaining the new email address you entered as your login. Components of your personal data, such as course history and any past scholarships or fellowships,may not appear in your account right away, but they will be made available within the next few weeks.
  • If you no longer have access to the email address linked to your old myRBS profile, enter the new email that you would like to use for your login and check the box indicating that you have a pre-existing account. The system will generate a new account for you and flag it as one that needs to be merged with a pre-existing account. Please make sure to fill out email, phone, and address information so that RBS staff can use it to match and merge your user accounts.

For every subsequent visit, you can enter myRBS via the main login page. Once you’ve logged in, follow the instructions on the myRBS landing page to navigate the site and submit course applications. Or view the video tutorial for a guided walkthrough of the new system. If after watching the video tutorial you still require assistance, please contact the School and a member of the RBS staff will help you.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and are working with the institutions hosting our courses to determine policies and best practices for this summer. We expect to be able to offer a full suite of in-person classes as outlined in the course schedule. An overview of our current policies can be found on the course schedule page. Should circumstances change, any updates to the format of our courses and  related COVID-19 policies will be announced on that page, as well as via our RBS news feed: rarebookschool.org/rbs-news/.

The first-round application deadline is 7 March. If you were admitted to a course that was cancelled in the past, you must reapply to the course this year; please be sure to mention that you were admitted for a past iteration in your personal statement.