Course Schedule

Please note that more courses for the summer of 2021 will be announced soon.

Owing to circumstances created by COVID-19, final details for several classes are still being determined. These courses will be announced as soon as possible. Please check this page regularly for updates as RBS learns more about the impact of pandemic restrictions on the courses.

In-Person and Online Courses

To ensure that as many students as possible can participate in courses next summer, RBS is implementing a more flexible schedule than usual. If it is safe to do so, we will be offering a full suite of in-person courses, along with several online-only courses as seen below.

If in-person classes cannot take place, however, the courses below with an asterisk after the instructors’ names will transition to being offered online and will run in the same week for which they are currently scheduled (Monday through Friday). The five-day online courses will meet synchronously for approximately 22 hours a week (11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. ET), rather than the usual 30 contact hours of an in-person RBS course.

If RBS is unable to host in-person courses safely, the courses without an asterisk will be canceled.

If all classes are held online, we will be announcing additional five-day online courses and shorter one to three day webinars to fill out the summer roster. The first of the shorter webinars will be announced early in the new year.

Admissions Decisions if In-Person Classes are Cancelled

The School will announce its decision about the delivery of courses by 1 March, before the first-round application deadline. Applicants will thus be aware of the format or cancellation before being asked to make their tuition deposits.

Applications submitted for an in-person course will automatically be considered for the online version.

Most Rare Book School online courses will accept between 20 and 23 students.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Certificates of Proficiency

RBS-awarded scholarships and fellowships may be used to pay for either in-person or online courses. The online courses will also count toward RBS Certificates of Proficiency.

General Course Information

Applications for our Summer 2021 courses will open in early January 2021. To be considered in the first round of admissions decisions, please submit your application(s) before 3 March (N.B. this is an updated deadline). If the red “Apply Now” button is present on a Course Description page, we are still accepting applications for that course. If you would like information about current course availability, please email See the Course Application page for details of the application process. For information on tuition and other related costs, please visit the Program Costs page. For general information about RBS, consult the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note that in-person RBS course dates include the Sunday preceding each five-day course. Students should make their travel plans to enable their attendance at the Sunday evening registration.

If you were accepted to a course in the summer of 2020, you will need to reapply this year. You will be given priority in the admissions decisions.

About Online Courses

Online courses will be held synchronously via Zoom. Participants need to meet the following minimum technological requirements: 1) a steady internet connection, and 2) a webcam, speakers, and microphone (these may be built into your computer or external). A desktop or laptop is recommended, but tablets will be sufficient unless otherwise indicated in the course description. If these requirements would preclude your participation, please contact User guides for Zoom, Google Docs, and Dropbox will be shared with students prior to the start of classes.

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