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Owing to the status of the COVID-19 vaccines, Rare Book School will offer courses only online in 2021. This was a difficult decision to make, but we are dedicated to offering the best educational experience possible for you, our students; in the current circumstances that goal can best be met through virtual classes and community-building opportunities. 

Online Course Schedules 

Online courses this summer will be primarily synchronous, and all course sessions will be held within the week listed below. Specific dates and times can be found in the individual course descriptions

There are three categories of courses: 22-hour classes, 10-hour classes, and 6-hour classes. All classes are primarily synchronous in nature. The 22-hour courses are designated with an “a” after the course ID code in the schedule below (e.g. H-20a), and will meet from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. ET, Monday–Friday. The 10-hour courses will meet for two hours a day Monday–Friday and are designated with a “b” after the course code. The 6-hour courses will meet for either two hours a day over three days or for two hours a day over three days. These are designated with a “c” after the course code. 

All students are expected to attend all synchronous sessions.

Tuition for 22-hour online courses is $1000. Tuition for the 10-hour courses will be $750, and $500 for the 6-hour courses. N.B. Tuition is charged per person per course.

Online Course Format

All online courses, regardless of length, will be held synchronously via Zoom, with any electronic course materials shared primarily via Dropbox or Google Drive. Participants need to meet the following minimum technological requirements: 1) a steady internet connection, and 2) a webcam, speakers, and microphone (these may be built into your computer or external). A desktop or laptop is recommended, but tablets will be sufficient unless otherwise indicated in the course description. If these requirements would preclude your participation, please contact User guides for Zoom, Google Drive and Google Docs, and Dropbox will be shared with students prior to the start of classes.

As with in-person course weeks, each online course week will feature optional virtual activities, such as the traditional Sunday-evening welcome and reception, weekday evening lectures, and a variety of social and networking opportunities. Admitted students will be invited to orientation sessions scheduled for the week prior to their course.

Course Applications

Applications are now open. If the red “Apply Now” button is present on a Course Description page, we are still accepting applications for that course. If you would like information about current course availability, please email

Most Rare Book School online courses will accept between 20 and 23 students; some exceptions will be open to up to 47 students.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Certificates of Proficiency

This year, RBS-awarded scholarships and fellowships may be used for online courses. A scholarship or fellowship may be redeemed for either: one 22-hour course; two 10-hour courses; one 10-hour course along with one or two 6-hour courses; or three 6-hour courses. Please note that a single award may not be broken over multiple years; recipients who elect to use an award this year cannot reserve any remaining funds for 2022, regardless of how many 10- or 6-hour courses they take in 2021. For more information, please contact or your RBS-awarded scholarship or fellowship administrator directly.

N.B. In order to fulfill annual fellowship requirements, SoFCB and CHF program participants must redeem their awards for a course, or combination of courses, equivalent to a minimum of 16 course hours. 

The online courses will also count toward RBS Certificates of Proficiency.  

More Information 

For more information, see the Course Application page for details of the application process. For information on fees and other related costs, please visit the Program Costs page. For general information about RBS, consult the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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