BiblioVideos on Race and the Boundaries of the Book: Seven Early American Perspectives

Through video presentations of individual case studies, seven early Americanists discuss a range of bookish artifacts and employ critical bibliography to recover overlooked narratives about race from the historical record. Following a chronological order, the video presentations examine the boundaries of “the book” and the complex richness of small and overlooked forms for recovering dismissed and erased readers, writers, and print artisans.

This BiblioVideo Series was created in conjunction with the panel discussion “Race and the Boundaries of the Book: Seven Early American Perspectives” which is taking place on 20 October 2020. The panelists pre-recorded BiblioVideos in preparation for the panel discussion and these are listed in the recommended viewing order below. You can also click here to watch the entire playlist in order. To learn more about each presenter and this panel discussion, please click here.