Passus Quindecimus finit dowel & incipit dobet

Ac after my wakyng · it was wonder longe
Ar I couth kyndely · knowe what was dowel
And so my witte wex and wanyed · til I a fole were
And somme lakked my lyf · allowed it fewe
And leten for a lorel · and loth to reuerencen
Lordes or ladyes · or any lyf elles
As persones in pellure · with pendauntes of syluer
To seriauntz ne to suche · seyde nouȝte ones
God loke ȝow lordes · ne louted faire
AnimaC2.15.10: Hand 1, fol. 70v, right margin. Þat folke helden me a fole · and in þat folye I raued
Tyl resoun hadde reuthe on me · and rokked me aslepe
Tyl I seigh as it sorcerye were · a sotyl þinge with-al
One with-outen tonge and teeth · tolde me whyder I shulde
- C.15.14: Hand X, fol. 20v, right margin. And wher-of I cam and of what kynde · I conIured hym atte laste
If he were crystes creature · for crystes loue me to tellen

¶ I am crystes creature quod he · and crystene in many a place
In crystes courte · I-knowe wel · and of his kynne a partye
Is noyther peter þe porter · ne poule with his fauchoune
+L.15.19: Corrector, fol. 62r, right margin. Þa wil defende me þe dore · dynge ich neure so late
At mydnyȝt at mydday · my voice so is yknowe
Þat eche a creature of his courte · welcometh me fayre

What are ye caldW.15.22: Hand X (later), fol. 86v, infralinear repitition. ¶ What ar ȝe called quod I in þat courte · amonges crystes peple
notadiscripcionem animeM.15.23: Hand 3, fol. 69r, right margin. Anima .O.15.23: Hand 1, fol. 61r, right margin. Anima | Animus | Mens | Memoria | Racio | Sensus | ConscientiaC2.15.23: Hand 2, fol. 70v, right margin. Diuerse | offices of | the soule .Cr2.15.23: Fol. V.1r, right margin.Diuerse | offices of | the soule ,Cr3.15.23: Fol. 77r, right margin. Þe whiles I quykke þe corps quod he · called am I anima
WilliamS.15.24: Hand X, fol. 58v, top margin. Part of a second word is cropped. And whan I wilne and wolde · animus ich hatte
And for þat I can and knowe · called am I mens
And whan I make mone to god · memoria is my name
And whan I deme domes · and do as treuthe techeth
Þanne is racio my riȝt name · resoun an englissh
And whan I fele þat folke telleth · my firste name is sensus
And þat is wytte and wisdome · þe welle of alle craftes
And whan I chalange or chalange nouȝte · chepe or refuse
the definition of | the SowleL.15.32: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 62v, left margin, refers to KD.15.23-47. Þanne am I conscience ycalde · goddis clerke and his notarie
And whan I loue lelly · owre lorde and alle other
Þanne is lele loue my name · and in latyn amor
And whan I flye fro þe flesshe · and forsake þe caroigne
Þanne am I spirit specheles · and spiritus þanne ich hatte
Austyn and ysodorus ayther of hem bothe
Nempned me þus to name · now þow myȝte chese
| C.15.39: Hand X, fol. 20v, right margin. How þow coueitest to calle me · now þow knowest alle my names
nota . quod anima | habet ix nominaW.15.39α: Hand 5, fol. 86v, left margin. Anima pro diuersis accionibus diuersa nomina sortitur · dum viuificat corpus | anima est · dum vult animus est · dum scit mens est · dum recolit memoria est ·
Dum iudicat racio est · dum sentit sensus est · dum amat amor est · dum negat | vel consentit consciencia est · dum spirat spiritus est

BishopsL.15.40: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 62v, left margin. - C.15.40: Hand X, fol. 20v, right margin. ¶ Ȝe ben as a bisshop quod I · al bourdynge þat tyme
Bishops | haue ma=|ny namesCr2.15.41: Fol. V.1v, left margin.Bishops | haue ma=|ny namesCr3.15.41: Fol. 77v, left margin. For bisshopes yblessed · þei bereth many names
[arabic 5 with line through it]G.15.42: Hand X, fol. 66r, right margin. Followed by ten medieval forms of the number 5 as pen trials. See BB p.43. Presul and pontifex · and metropolitanus
Jon RycW.15.43: Hand 7 (15th-c), fol. 86v, infralinear. The same hand as on fols. 1r (KD.P.19) and 147v (not part of poem). And other names an hepe episcopus & pastor

¶ Þat is soth seyde he · now I se þi wille
Þow woldest knowe and kunne · þe cause of alle her names
And of myne if þow myȝtest · me þinketh by þi speche

¶ Ȝe syre I seyde by so no man were greued
Nota · C.15.48: Hand 1, fol. 21r, left margin. Alle þe sciences vnder sonne · and alle þe sotyle craftes
I wolde I knewe and couth · kyndely in myne herte

¶ Þanne artow inparfit quod he · and one of prydes knyȝtes
For such a luste and lykynge · lucifer fel fram heuene
Esai .xiiiiCr2.15.51α: Fol. V.1v, left margin.Esai .xiiiiCr3.15.51α: Fol. 77v, left margin. Ponam pedem meum in aquilone & similis ero altissimo

¶ It were aȝeynes kynde quod he · and alkynnes resoun
Þat any creature shulde kunne al · excepte cryste one
Aȝein such salomon speketh · and dispiseth her wittes
Nota · C.15.55: Hand 1, fol. 21r, left margin.Pro .xxv.Cr2.15.55: Fol. V.2r, right margin.Pro .xxv.Cr3.15.55: Fol. 78r, right margin. Sic qui scrutator est maiestatis opprimitur a gloria
To englisch men þis is to mene · þat mowen speke & here
Þe man þat moche hony eteth · his mawe it engleymeth
And þe more þat a man · of good mater hereth
But he do þerafter · it doth hym double scathe
Beatus est seith seynt Bernard / · qui scripturas legit
Et verba vertit in opera · fullich to his powere
Coueytise to kunne and to knowe science
Pulte out of paradys · Adam and Eue
Sciencie appetitus hominem inmortalitatis gloriam spoliauit
And riȝte as hony is yuel to defye · and engleymeth þe mawe
non plus sapere qua[m] | oportetL.15.65: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 63r, right margin. Riȝt so þat þorw resoun wolde þe rote knowe
notanon plus sapere quam oportetM.15.66: Hand 3, fol. 70r, right margin. Of god and of his grete myȝtes · his graces it letteth
For in þe lykyng lith a pryde · and a lycames coueitise
Aȝein crystes conseille · and alle clerkes techyng
frerisL.15.69: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 63r, right margin. - C.15.69: Hand X, fol. 21r, left margin.Rom .xii.Cr2.15.69: Fol. V.2r, right margin.Rom .xii.Cr3.15.69: Fol. 78r, right margin. That is non plus sapere quam oportet sapere

C2.15.70: Hand 1, fol. 71v, left margin. (Note: BB attribute this to Hand 2.) Freres and fele other maistres · þat to þe lewed men prechen
Ȝe moeuen materes inmesurables · to tellen of þe Trinite
Þat ofte tymes þe lewed peple · of her bileue douten
Prechers | dutye .Cr2.15.73: Fol. V.2r, right margin.Prechers | dutye .Cr3.15.73: Fol. 78r, right margin. Bettere byleue were mony · doctoures such techyng
NotaC.15.74: Hand 1, fol. 21r, left margin. And tellen men of þe ten comaundementz · and touchen þe seuene synnes
And of þe braunches þat burgeouneth of hem · and bryngeth men to helle
And how þat folke in folyes · myspenden her fyue wittes
Pride of | FrerisO.15.77: Hand 1, fol. 61v, left margin.pride of FrerisC2.15.77: Hand 1, fol. 71v, left margin. As wel freres as other folke · folilich spenen
- C.15.78: Hand X, fol. 21r, left margin. In housyng in haterynge · and in-to hiegh clergye shewynge
M.15.79: Hand X, fol. 70r, left margin. More for pompe þan for pure charite · þe poeple wote þe sothe
Þat I lye nouȝt loo · for lordes ȝe plesen
And reuerencen þe riche · þe rather for her syluer
Psal .117.Cr2.15.81α: Fol. V.2r, right margin.Psal .117.Cr3.15.81α: Fol. 78r, right margin. Confundantur omnes qui adorant scul[p]tilia · & alibi
Vt quid diligitis vanitatem & queritis mendacium
FrerisO.15.82m: Hand 1, fol. 62r, right margin.VO.15.82m: Hand 2, fol. 62r, right margin, two lines high.FrerisC2.15.82m: Hand 1, fol. 71v, left margin. Go to þe glose of þe verse · ȝe grete clerkes
.nota de fratribus.M.15.83: Hand 1, fol. 70r, right margin. If I lye on ȝow to my lewed witte · ledeth me to brennynge
nota de fratribusL.19.84: Hand 1, fol. 63r, right margin. For as it semeth ȝe forsaketh · no mannes almesse
- C.15.85: Hand X, fol. 21r, left margin. Of vsureres of hores · of auarous chapmen
And louten to þis lordes · þat mowen lene ȝow nobles
Aȝeine ȝowre reule and Religioun · I take recorde at Ihesus
Mat .xx.Cr2.15.88: Fol. V.2v, left margin.Mat .xx.Cr3.15.88: Fol. 78v, left margin. Þat seide to his disciples · ne sitis personarum acceptores

¶ Of þis matere I myȝte ; make a longe bible
Curatis loquiturM.15.90: Hand 3, fol. 70r, right margin.CuratisO.15.90: Hand 1, fol. 62r, right margin.CuratoursC2.15.90: Hand 1, fol. 71v, left margin. Ac of curatoures of crystene peple · as clerkes bereth witnesse
I shal tellen it for treuth sake · take hede who-so lyketh

nota · C.15.92: Hand 1, fol. 21r, left margin.the Ihesus cristS.15.92: Hand X, fol. 59v, top margin. ¶ As holynesse and honestete oute of holicherche spredeth
Þorw lele libbyng men · þat goddes lawe techen
R.15.94: Hand X, fol. 73r, right margin. Riȝt so out of holicherche · alle yueles spredeth
- C.15.95: Hand X, fol. 21r, left margin. There inparfyt presthod is · prechoures and techeres
- C.15.96: Hand X, fol. 21r, left margin.Prechers | muste do | as they | preachCr2.15.96: Fol. V.2v, left margin.Prechers | muste do | as they | preachCr3.15.96: Fol. 78v, left margin. And se it by ensample in somer tyme on trowes
SimilitudoC2.15.97: Hand 2, fol. 72r, left margin. Þere somme bowes ben leued · and somme bereth none
Þere is a myschief in þe more · of suche manere bowes
notade prelatis & CuratisM.15.99: Hand 3, fol. 70v, left margin. Riȝt so parsones and prestes · and prechoures of holy cherche
Þat aren rote of þe riȝte faith · to reule þe peple
Ac þere þe rote is roten · reson wote þe sothe
Shal neure floure ne frute · ne faire leef be grene
Lechery of clothinge | in preestysC2.15.103: Hand 2, fol. 72r, right margin. For-þi wolde ȝe lettred leue · þe leccherye of clothynge
And be kynde as bifel for clerkes · and curteise of crystes goodes
Trewe of ȝowre tonge · and of ȝowre taille bothe
And hatien to here harlotrye · and nouȝt to vnderfonge
Tythes of vntrewe þinge · ytilied or chaffared ·

¶ Lothe were lewed men · but þei ȝowre lore folwed
CurattisM.15.109: Hand X, fol. 70v, left margin. And amenden hem þat mysdon · more for ȝowre ensamples
ypocrysy is lykoned | to a dongehillC2.15.110: Hand 2, fol. 72r, right margin.IpocrysyeR.15.110: Hand X (16th-c), fol. 73r, right margin. Þan forto prechen & preue it nouȝt · ypocrysie it semeth
· Nota · C.15.111: Hand 1, fol. 21r, right margin. For ypocrysie in latyn · is lykned to a dongehul
Þat were bysnewed with snowe · and snakes wyth-inne
¶ Or to a wal þat were whitlymed · and were foule wyth-inne
Riȝt so many prestes · prechoures and prelates
faier wordes.C.15.115: Hand X, 21r, right margin. Ȝe aren enblaunched with bele paroles · and with clothes also
Ac ȝowre werkes and ȝowre wordes þere-vnder · aren ful vnlouelich

Chrysosto|masCr3.15.117: Fol. 79r, right margin. ¶ Iohannes crysostomus · of clerkes speketh and prestes
Nota crisostomusL.15.118: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 63v, left margin.Nota BeneM.15.118: Hand X3, fol. 70v, left margin.notaW.15.118: Hand X (15th-c), fol. 88r, right margin. Probably the same as on 56r (KD.10.266α and 10.270). Sicut de templo omne bonum progreditur · sic de templo · omne malum procedit
Si sacerdocium integrum fuerit ; tota floret ecclesia · si autem coruptum fuerit · omnium fides | marcida est / Si sacerdocium fuerit in peccatis · totus populus co[n]uertitur ad peccandum
Sicut cum videris arborem pallidam & marcidam · inteligis quod vicium habet in radice
Ita cum videris populum indisciplinatum · & irreligiosum sine dubio sacerdocium eius non est sanum

Prestis .O.15.119: Hand 1, fol. 62v, top left. ¶ If lewed men wist · what þis latyn meneth
And who was myn auctor · moche wonder me þinketh
nota prestis BaselardisM.15.121: Hand 3, fol 70v, left margin. But if many a prest bere · for here baselardes and here broches
A peyre bedes in her hande · and a boke vnder her arme
Sire Iohan & sire Geffray · hath a gerdel of syluer
prestis notaC2.15.124: Hand 1, fol. 72v, right margin. A basellarde or a ballokknyf · with botones ouergylte
+L.15.125: Corrector, fol. 63v, left margin. Ac a portous þat shulde be his plow · placebo to segge
Hadde he neure seruyse to saue syluer þer-to · seith it with yvel wille
Allas ȝe lewed men · moche lese ȝe on prestes
Euil got=|ten euyl | spentCr2.15.129: Fol. V.3r, right margin.Euil got=|ten euyl | spentCr3.15.129: Fol. 79r, right margin. Ac þinge þat wykkedlich is wonne · and with false sleigthes
Wolde neuere witte of witty god · but wikked men it hadde
Þe which aren prestes inparfit · and prechoures after syluer
Sectoures and sudenes · somnoures and her lemmannes
Þis þat with gyle was geten · vngraciouslich is spended
So harlotes and hores · ar hulpen with such goodis
And goddes folke for defaute þer-of · forfaren and spillen

¶ Curatoures of holykirke · as clerkes þat ben auerouse
contra Curatos AuarosM.15.137: Hand 3, fol. 71r, right margin. Liȝtlich þat þey leuen · loselles it habbeth
Or dyeth intestate · and þanne þe bisshop entreth
And maketh murthe þere-with · and his men bothe
nyȝtC.15.140: Hand 1, fol. 21r, right margin. Appears to hypercorrect the alliteration by substituting "nyȝt" for "myȝt." And seggen he was a nygarde · þat no good myȝte asspare
To frende ne to fremmed · þe fende haue his soule
For a wrecched hous he helde · al his lyf-tyme
And þat he spared and bispered · spene we in murthe

¶ By lered by lewed · þat loth is to spende
Þus gone her godes · be þe goste faren
Ac for good men god wote · gret dole men maken
And bymeneth good mete-ȝyueres · and in mynde haueth
quid est caritasL.15.148: Hand 1, fol. 64r, right margin..quid est caritasM.15.148: Hand 1, fol. 71r, right margin. In prayers and in penaunces · and in parfyt charite

¶ What is charite quod I þo · a childissh þinge he seide
quid est | caritasW.15.149α: Hand 1, fol. 89r, left margin.Mat .18.Cr2.15.149α: Fol. V.3v, left margin.Mata(Mat) .18,Cr3.15.149α: Fol. 79v, left margin. Nisi efficiamini sicut paruuli · non intrabitis in regnum celorum
- C.15.150: Hand X, fol. 21r, left margin. - C.15.150: Hand X, fol. 21r, right margin.ChariteO.15.150: Hand 1, fol. 62v, left margin. With-outen fauntelte or foly · a fre liberal wille

¶ Where shulde men fynde such a frende · with so fre an herte
nota the name of thaucto[r]L.15.152: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 64r, right margin.longe willM.15.152: Hand 5, fol. 71r, right margin.Longelb/> willeO.15.152: Hand 1, fol. 62v, left margin.Longe WillC2.15.152: Hand 2, fol. 72v, right margin.Longe WylleR.15.152: Hand 1, fol. 74r, right margin. I haue lyued in londe quod I · my name is longe wille
And fonde I neuere ful charite · bifore ne bihynde
Men beth mercyable · to mendynantz & to pore
And wolen lene þere þei leue · lelly to ben payed

¶ Ac charite þat poule preyseth best · and most plesaunte to owre saueoure
Rom .xiiiCr2.15.157: Fol. V.3v, left margin.Rom .xiiiCr3.15.157: Fol. 79v, left margin. As non inflatu[r] non ambiciosa non querit que sua sunt
I seigh neuere such a man · so me god helpe
That he ne wolde aske after his · and otherwhile coueyte
Þinge þat neded hym nouȝt · and nyme it if he myȝte

¶ Clerkis kenne me þat cryst · is in alle places
Ac I seygh hym neuere sothly · but as my-self in a miroure
i. Cor .xiiiCr2.15.162α: Fol. V.3v, left margin.i. Cor .xiiiCr3.15.162α: Fol. 79v, left margin. It[a] in enigmate tunc facie ad faciem
And so I trowe trewly · by þat men telleth of charite
It is nouȝt championes fyȝte · ne chaffare as I trowe

ChariteO.15.165: Hand 1, fol. 63r, right margin. ¶ Charite quod he ne chaffareth nouȝte · ne chalengeth ne craueth
quomodo laudatur caritasM.15.166: Hand 3, fol 71v, left margin. As proude of a peny · as of a pounde of golde
And is as gladde of a goune ; of a graye russet
As of a tunicle of tarse · or of trye scarlet
+L.15.169: Corrector, fol. 64r, right margin. He is gladde with alle gladde · and good ty[l] alle wykked
And leneth and loueth alle · þat owre lorde made
Curseth he no creature · ne he can bere no wratthe
Ne no lykynge hath to lye · ne laughe men to scorne
Al þat men seith he let it soth · and in solace taketh
And alle manere meschiefs · in myldenesse he suffreth
Coueiteth he none erthly good · but heuene-riche blisse

questio de CaritateM.15.176: Hand 3, fol. 71v, left margin. ¶ Hath he any rentes or ricchesse · or any riche frendes

¶ Of rentes ne of ricchesse · ne reccheth he neuere
For a frende þat fyndeth hym · failled hym neuere at nede
Fiat voluntas tua fynt hym euer-more
And if he soupeth ette but a soppe of spera in deo
Goynge | on pilgri=|mageCr2.15.181: Fol. V.4r, right margin.Goynge | on pilgri=|mageCr3.15.181: Fol. 80r, right margin. He can purtreye wel þe pater noster · and peynte it with aues
And other-while is his wone · to wende in pilgrymage
Þere pore men and prisones liggeth · her pardoun to haue
Þough he bere hem no bred · he bereth hem swetter lyflode
Loueth hem as owre lorde biddeth · and loketh how þei fare

¶ And whan he is wery of þat werke · þanne wil he some-tyme
- C.15.187: Hand X, fol. 21v, left margin. Labory in a lauendrye · wel þe lengthe of a myle
And ȝerne in-to ȝouthe · and ȝepliche speke
Pryde with al þe appurtenaunce · and pakken hem togyderes
And bouken hem at his brest · and beten hem clene
And leggen on longe · with laboraui in gemitu meo
And with warme water at his eyghen · wasshen hem after
And þanne he syngeth whan he doth so · & some-tyme seith wepyng
Psal .liCr2.15.194: Fol. V.4r, right margin.Psal .liCr3.15.194: Fol. 80r, right margin. Cor contritum & humiliatum deus non despicies

¶ By cryst I wolde þat I knewe hym quod I · no creature leuere

Piers · C.15.196: Hand X, fol. 21v, left margin. ¶ With-outen helpe of Piers plowman quod he · his persone seestow neuere

¶ Where clerkes knowen hym quod I · þat kepen holykirke

¶ Clerkes haue no knowyng quod he · but by werkes and bi wordes
Ac piers þe plowman · parceyueth more depper
+L.15.200: Corrector, fol. 64v, left margin. Þat is þe wille and wherfore · þat many wyȝte suffreth
Luke .xi.Cr2.15.200α: Fol. V.4r, right margin.Luke .xiCr3.15.200α: Fol. 80r, right margin. Et vidit deus cogitaciones eorum
· nota · C.15.201: Hand 1, fol. 21v, left margin. For þere ar ful proude-herted men · paciente of tonge
And boxome as of berynge · to burgeys and to lordes
And to pore peple · han peper in þe nose
And as a lyoun he loketh · þere men lakketh his werkes

¶ For þere ar beggeres and bidderes · bedmen as it were
Loketh as lambren · and semen lyf-holy
Ac it is more to haue her mete · with such an esy manere
Þan for penaunce and parfitnesse · þe pouerte þat such taketh

¶ Þere-fore by coloure ne by clergye · knowe shaltow hym neuere
Noyther þorw wordes ne werkes · but þorw wille one
And þat knoweth no clerke · ne creature in erthe
piers · C.15.212: Hand X, fol. 21v, left margin.PetrusO.15.212: Hand 3, fol. 63v, left margin. But piers þe plowman · petrus id est cristus
Caritas omnia libenter suffertM.15.213: Hand 3, fol. 72r, right margin. For he ne is nouȝte in lolleres · ne in lande-leperes hermytes
= C.15.214: Hand X, fol. 21v, right margin.AnkresC2.15.214: Hand 2, fol. 73v, right margin. Ne at ancres þere a box hangeth · alle suche þei faiten
Fy on faitoures · and in fautores suos
cheritieC2.15.216: Hand 2, fol. 73v, right margin.Of chari=|tieCr2.15.216: Fol. V.4v, left margin.Of chari=|tie .Cr3.15.216: Fol. 80v, left margin. For charyte is goddis champioun · and as a good chylde hende
And þe meryest of mouth · at mete where he sitteth
Þe loue þat lith in his herte · maketh hym lyȝte of speche
And is compenable · and confortatyf · as cryst bit hym-selue
Math .viCr2.15.219α: Fol. V.4v, left margin.Mat .vi.Cr3.15.219α: Fol. 80v, left margin. Nolite fieri sicut ypocrite tristes &c
For I haue seyn hym in sylke · and somme-tyme in russet
Bothe in grey and in grys · and in gulte herneys
And as gladlich he it gaf · to gomes þat it neded

¶ Edmonde and Edwarde · eyther were kynges
And seyntes ysette · tyl charite hem folwed

¶ I haue seyne charite also · syngen and reden
Ryden and rennen · in ragged wedes
nota de mendicantibusM.15.227: Hand 4, fol. 72v, left margin. Ac biddyng as beggeres · bihelde I hym neuere
- C.15.228: Hand X, fol. 21v, right margin. Ac in riche robes ; rathest he walketh
Ycalled and ycrimiled · and his crowne shaue
And in a freres frokke · he was yfounde ones
audi fraterM.15.231: Hand 4, fol. 72v, left margin. Ac it is ferre agoo · in seynt Fraunceys tyme
In þat secte sitthe · to selde hath he be knowen

¶ Riche men he recomendeth · and of her robes taketh
Þat with-outen wyles · leden her lyues
Beatus est diues · qui &c

notaM.15.235: Hand 3, fol. 72v, left margin. ¶ In kynges courte he cometh ofte · þere þe conseille is trewe
What com|pany cha=|ritie haun|teth .Cr2.15.236: Fol. X.1r, right margin.What com|pany cha=|ritie haun|teth .Cr3.15.236: Fol. 81r, right margin. Ac if coueityse be of þe conseille · he wil nouȝt come þer-Inne
In courte amonge iaperes · he cometh but selde
For braulyng and bakbytyng · and beryng of fals witnesse

ConsistorieO.15.239: Hand 1, fol. 64r, right margin. ¶ In þe constorie bifor þe comissarie · he cometh nouȝt ful ofte
contra legum doctoresM.15.240: Hand 3, fol. 72v, left margin. · nota · C.15.240: Hand 1, fol. 21v, right margin.XF.15.240: Corrector, fol. 64r, right margin. Drypoint corrector's mark indicating missing line. For her lawe dureth ouer-longe · but if þei lacchen syluer
And matrimoigne for monye · maken & vnmaken
And þat conscience and cryst · hath yknitte faste
Þei vndon it vnworthily · þo doctours of lawe [Hereafter follow 15.244-248 in KD, from alpha, but they are not annotated.]

¶ Ac I ne lakke no lyf · but lorde amende vs alle
And gyue vs grace good god · charite to folwe
For who-so myȝte mete with hym · such maneres hym eyleth
Noyther he blameth ne banneth · bosteth ne prayseth
Lakketh ne loseth · ne loketh vp sterne
Craueth ne coueiteth · ne crieth after more
Psal .iiii.Cr2.15.254α: Fol. X.1r, right margin.Psal .iiii,Cr3.15.254α: Fol. 81r, right margin. In pace in idipsum dormiam &c ·
Love in goddys passionC2.15.255: Hand 2, fol. 74r, right margin. Þe moste lyflode þat he lyueth by · is loue in goddis passioun
Noyther he biddeth ne beggeth · ne borweth to ȝelde
Misdoth he no man · ne with his mouth greueth

nota beneL.15.258: Hand X, fol. 65r, right margin. ¶ Amonges cristene men · þis myldnesse shulde laste
notaquanta erat humilitasCristiM.15.259: Hand 3, fol. 72v, left margin. In alle manere angres · haue þis at herte
Þat þough þei suffred al þis · god suffred for vs more
In ensample we shulde do so · and take no veniaunce
Of owre foes þat doth vs falsenesse · þat is owre fadres wille
· nota · C.15.263: Hand 1, fol. 21v, right margin. For wel may euery man wite if god hadde wolde hym-selue
Sholde neuere Iudas ne iuwe · haue Ihesu don on Rode
Ne han martired peter ne Poule · ne in prisoun holden
Ac he suffred in ensample · þat we shulde suffre also
And seide to suche þat suffre wolde · þat pacientes vincunt

¶ Verbi gratia quod he ; and verrey ensamples manye
The Le|gend of say|ntes , be=|leue it if | ye luste .Cr2.15.269: Fol. X.1v, left margin.The Le|gend of say|ntes , be=|leue it if | ye luste .Cr3.15.269: Fol. 81v, left margin. In legenda sanctorum · þe lyf of holy seyntes
What penaunce and pouerte · and passioun þei suffred
de paupertate & pacienciaM.15.271: Hand 3, fol. 73r, right margin. In hunger in hete · in al manere angres
Antony and Egidie · and other holi fadres
Woneden in wildernesse · amonge wilde bestes
Monkes and mendynauntz · men bi hem-selue
In spekes an in spelonkes · selden speken togideres
Ac noyther antony ne Egidy · ne hermite þat tyme
Of liouns ne of leoperdes · no lyflode ne toke
- C.15.278: Hand X, fol. 22r, left margin. But of foules þat fleeth · þus fynt men in bokes
EgidiusL.15.279: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 65v, left margin. · Nota · C.15.279: Hand 1, fol. 22r, left margin. Excepte þat Egydie · after an hynde cryede
And þorw þe mylke · of þat mylde best · þe man was susteyned
And day by day had he hir nouȝt · his hunger forto slake
But selden and sondrie tymes · as seith þe boke and techeth

antonyeL.15.283: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 65v, left margin. ¶ Antony adayes · aboute none-tyme
Had a bridde þat brouȝte hym bred · þat he by lyued
And þough þe gome hadde a geste · god fonde hem bothe

Paulus primus | heremitaL.15.286: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 65v, left margin. ¶ Poule primus heremita · had parroked hym-selue
Þat no man miȝte hym se · for mosse and for leues
Foules hym fedde · fele wynteres with-alle
quid coquerisM.15.289: Hand 4, fol. 73r, right margin. Til he founded freres · of austines ordre
Poule after his prechyng · panyers he made
And wan with his hondes · þat his wombe neded
PeterL.15.292: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 65v, left margin.andrewL.15.292: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 65v, left margin. Peter fisched for his fode · and his felawe andrewe
Some þei solde and some þei sothe · and so þei lyued bothe
mari maudlinL.15.294: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 65v, left margin. And also Marie Magdeleyne · by mores lyued and dewes
Ac moste þorw deuocioun · and mynde of god almiȝty
I shulde nouȝt þis seuene dayes · seggen hem alle
Þat lyueden þus for owre lordes loue · manye longe ȝeres
Ac þere ne was lyoun · ne leopart · þat on laundes wenten
Noyther bere ne bor · ne other best wilde
Þat ne fel to her feet · and fauned with þe tailles
And if þei couth han ycarped · by cryst as I trowe
~ C.15.302: Hand X, fol. 22r, left margin. Þei wolde haue fedde þat folke · bifor wilde foules
Ac god sent hem fode bi foules · and by no fierse bestes
NotaBeneM.15.306: Hand X3, fol. 73v, left margin. · Nota · C.15.306: Hand 1, fol. 22r, left margin. In menynge þat meke þinge · mylde þinge shulde fede
XF.15.307: Corrector, fol. 65r, right margin. Drypoint corrector's mark indicating error in line.A leson for | them that | take beni|fices at | wycked | men handesCr2.15.307: Fol. X.2r, right margin.A leson for | them that | take beni=|fices at | wycked | men handesCr3.15.307: Fol. 82r, right margin. As who seith religious · ryȝtful men shulde fynde
contra rapacitatem dominorum | super tenentibusM.15.308: Hand 3, fol. 73v, left margin. And lawful men to lyfholy men · lyflode brynge
| C.15.309: Hand X, fol. 22r, left margin. And þanne wolde lordes and ladyes be · loth to agulte
XF.15.310: Corrector, fol. 65r, right margin, drypoint. And to take of her tenauntz · more þan treuth wolde
notaFraterM.15.311: Hand 3, fol. 73v, left margin. Fonde þei þat Freres · wolde forsake her almesses
And bidden hem bere it · þere it was yborwed
Nota · C.15.313: Hand 1, fol. 22r, left margin.Dietyng of | religiousO.15.313: Hand 1, fol. 64v, left margin.Dyetinge of | religiousC2.15.313: Hand 1, fol. 75r, right margin. For we ben goddes foules · and abiden alwey
Tyl briddes brynge vs · þat we shulde lyue by
For had ȝe potage and payn ynough · and peny-ale to drynke
And a messe þere-mydde · of o manere kynde
Ȝe had riȝt ynough · ȝe Religious · and so ȝowre reule me tolde
Iob .vi.Cr2.15.318: Fol. X.2r, right margin.Iob .vi.Cr3.15.318: Fol. 82r, right margin. Nu[m]quam dicit Iob rugit on[a]ger cum herbam habuerit · aut mugiet bos | cum ante plenum presepe steterit · brutorum animalium natura te condempnat · | quia cum eis pabulum comune sufficiat · ex adipe prodijt iniquitas tua

nota mortmayneL.15.319: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 66r, right margin.C2.15.319: Hand 1, fol. 75r, left margin. (Note: BB attribute this to Hand 2.) ¶ If lewed men knewe þis latyn · þei wolde loke whom þei ȝeue
contra mort MainM.15.320: Hand 3, fol. 73v, left margin. And auyse hem bifore · a fyue dayes or sexe
Of ȝiftis into | ReligiousO.15.321: Hand 1, fol. 65r, top right.Of ȝiftis in-to | religiousC2.15.321: Hand 1, fol. 75r, right margin. Or þei amortesed to monkes · or chanouns her rentes
XL.15.322: Hand X, fol. 66r, right margin.WH | nota hicG.15.322: Hand 2, fol. 69v, left margin.. nota .O.15.322: Hand 1, fol. 65r, right margin. Allas lordes and ladyes · lewed conseille haue ȝe
de ReligioneG.15.323: Hand 2, fol. 69v, left margin. To ȝyue fram ȝowre eyres · þat ȝowre ayeles ȝow lefte
notaC2.15.324: Hand 1, fol. 75r, right margin. And ȝiueth to bidde for ȝow · to such þat ben riche
And ben founded and feffed eke · to bidde for other

¶ Who perfourneth þis prophecye · of þe peple þat now lybbeth
Optime dicit | & verumM.15.327: Hand 5, fol. 73v, left margin.Psal .112.Cr2.15.327: Fol. X.2r, right margin.Psal .112Cr3.15.327: Fol. 82r, right margin. Dispersit dedit pauperibus &c
nota de fratribusG.15.328: Hand 2, 70r, right margin. If any peple perfourme þat texte · it ar þis pore freres
.Deridendo . .O.15.329: Hand 1, fol. 65r, right margin. For þat þei beggen abouten · in buildynge þei spene
And on hem-self sum · and such as ben her laboreres
And of hem þat habbeth þei taken · and ȝyue hem þat ne habbeth

¶ Ac clerkes & knyȝtes · and comuneres þat ben riche
SimilitudoC2.15.333: Hand 2, fol. 75v, left margin. Fele of ȝow fareth · as if I a forest hadde
- C.15.334: Hand X, fol 22r, left margin. Þat were ful of faire trees · and I fonded and caste
How I myȝte mo þer-inne · amonges hem sette
Riȝt so ȝe riche · ȝe robeth þat ben riche
And helpeth hem þat helpeth ȝow · and ȝiueth þere no nede is
As who-so filled a toune · of a fressh ryuer
Caste wa=|ter into | temesCr2.15.339: Fol. X.2v, left margin.Caste wa=|ter into | temes .Cr3.15.339: Fol. 82v, left margin. And went forth with þat water · to woke with themese
Quid est dare impijsO.15.340: Hand 1, fol. 65r, right margin.Quid est dare impijsC2.15.340: Hand 1, fol. 75v, right margin. Riȝt so ȝe riche · ȝe robeth and fedeth
. Of munkys .O.15.341: Hand 1, fol. 65r, right margin. Hem þat han as ȝe han · hem ȝe make at ese

of munkesC2.15.342: Hand 1, fol. 75v, right margin. ¶ Ac Religious þat riche ben · shulde rather feste beggeres
/nota/M.15.343: Hand X8, fol. 74r, right margin. Þan burgeys þat riche ben · as þe boke techeth
notaL.15.343α: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 66r, right margin.notaM.15.343α: Hand 5, fol. 92r, right margin. Quia sacrilegium est res pauperum non pauperibus dare
Item peccatoribus dare · est demonibus immolare
Item monache si indiges et accipis pocius das quam accipis
Si autem non eges & accipis ; rapis
Porro non indiget Monachus · si habeat quod nature sufficit
nota beneM.15.344: Hand X, fol. 74r, left margin. This and the next eleven lines are bracketed in the left margin (to KD.15.354).notaquia super omnia CaritasM.15.344: Hand 3, fol. 74r, right margin.wonesHm.15.344: Hand X, fol. 177v, right margin. Illegible pen trials in a later hand appear in the margin at several points on this folio. For-þi I conseille alle cristene · to confourmen hem to charite
For charite with-oute chalengynge · vnchargeth þe soule
And many a prisone fram purgatorie · þorw his preyeres he delyureth
Ac þere is a defaute in þe folke · þat þe faith kepeth
Wherfore folke is þe feblere · and nouȝt ferme of bilieue
As in lussheborwes is a lyther alay · and ȝet loketh he lyke a sterlynge
lussheborewesM.15.350: Hand 3, fol. 74r, right margin. Þe merke of þat mone is good · ac þe metal is fieble
And so it fareth by some folke now · þei han a faire speche
Croune and crystendome · þe kynges merke of heuene
Ac þe metal þat is mannes soule · with synne is foule alayed
Bothe lettred and lewede · beth allayed now with synne
That no lyf loueth other · ne owre lorde as it semeth
For þorw werre and wykked werkes · and wederes vnresonable
Wederwise shipmen · and witti clerkes also
Han no bilieue to þe lifte · ne to þe lore of philosofres

notaFacultas AstrologorumM.15.359: Hand 3, fol. 74r, right margin. ¶ Astrymyanes alday · in her arte faillen
Þat whilum warned bifore · what shulde falle after
Shipmen and sheperdes · þat with shipp & shepe wenten
Wisten by þe walkene · what shulde bityde
Fallacia signorum preteritorum | & FuturorumM.15.363: Hand X, fol. 74r, right margin. Over a drypoint "X."Al is oute | of frameCr2.15.363: Fol. X.3r, right margin.Al is out | of frameCr3.15.363: Fol. 83r, right margin. As of wederes and wyndes · þei warned men ofte
Tilieres þat tiled þe erthe · tolden her maistres
By þe sede þat þei sewe · what þei selle miȝte
And what to leue and to lyue by · þe londe was so trewe
Now failleth þe folke of þe flode · and of þe londe bothe
Sheperdes and shipmen · and so do þis tilieres
Noither þei kunneth ne knoweth · one cours bi-for an other
Astrymyanes also ; aren at her wittes ende
nota New GramerM.15.371: Hand 3, fol. 74r, right margin. Of þat was calculed of þe element · þe contrarie þei fynde
Gramer þe grounde of al · bigyleth now children
For is none of þis newe clerkes · who-so nymeth hede
Þat can versifye faire · ne formalich enditen
Ne nouȝt on amonge an hundreth · þat an auctour can construe
Ne rede a lettre in any langage · but in latyn or in englissh
contra Gyle & FlatereM.15.377: Hand 3, fol. 74v, left margin. Go now to any degre · and but if gyle be mayster
And flaterere his felawe · vnder hym to fourmen
Moche wonder me thynketh · amonges vs alle
Doctoures of decres · and of diuinite Maistres
Þat shulde konne and knowe · alkynnes clergye
notaResponsum ad quodlibetM.15.382: Hand 3, fol. 74v, left margin. And answere to argumentz · and also to a quodlibet
I dar nouȝt seggen it for shame · if suche weren apposed
Þei shulde faillen in her philosofye · and in phisyk bothe
Wher-fore I am afered · of folke of holikirke
Lest þei ouerhuppen as other don · in offices & in houres
Ac if þei ouerhuppe as I hope nouȝte · owre byleue suffiseth
notafestum Corporis CristiM.15.388: Hand 3, fol. 74v, left margin.X XF.15.388: Corrector, fol. 66r, right margin. Drypoint, two lines high. As clerkes in corpus cristi feste · singen & reden
Þat sola fides sufficit · to saue with lewed peple

NotaM.15.390: Hand X7, fol. 74v, left margin. ¶ And so may sarasenes be saued · scribes and iewes
Allas þanne but owre loresmen · lyuen as þei leren vs
And for her lyuynge þat lewed men be · þe lother god agulten
For sarasenes han somwhat · semynge to owre bileue
For þei loue and bileue · in o parsone almiȝty
And we lered and lewede · in on god bileueth
the begyning | of Mahomet | & the causeL.15.397: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 66v, left margin.MachamitM.15.397: Hand 3, fol. 74v, left margin.The be=|ginnyng | of Maho=|mets lawCr2.15.397: Fol. X.3v, left margin.The be=|ginnyng | of Maho=|mets lawCr3.15.397: Fol. 83v, left margin. Ac one Makometh · a man in mysbileue
| C.15.398: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. Brouȝte sarasenes of surre · and se in what manere
nota · C.15.399: Hand 1, fol. 22v, left margin.Machomede wiþ | his dowue .O.15.399: Hand 1, fol. 66r, top right.makomede with | his dowueC2.15.399: Hand 1, fol. 76v, right margin. Þis Makometh was a crystene man · and for he moste nouȝte be a pope
In-to surre he souȝte · and þorw his sotil wittes
- C.15.401: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. Daunted a dowue · and day and nyȝte hir fedde
Þe corne þat she cropped · he caste it in his ere
And if he amonge þe poeple preched · or in places come
xM.15.404: Hand X, fol. 74v, left margin, drypoint. Þanne wolde þe coluer come · to þe clerkes ere
Menynge as after meet · þus Makometh hir enchaunted
A dide folke þanne falle on knees · for he swore in his prechynge
Þat þe coluer þat come so · come fram god of heuene
As messager to Makometh · men forto teche
And þus þorw wyles of his witte and a whyte dowue
notadisceptionem | MachamitisM.15.410: Hand 3, fol. 74v, left margin. Makometh in mysbileue · men and wommen brouȝte
Þat lered þere and lewed ȝit · lyuen on his lawes

¶ And sitth owre saueoure suffred · þe sarasenes so bigiled
Þorw a crystene clerke · acursed in his soule
nota beneG.15.414: Hand 2, fol. 71r, right margin.. nota .O.15.414: Hand 1, fol. 66r, right margin.notaC2.15.414: Hand 1, fol. 76v, right margin.Mr Thomas hewlet come this [....?....]|meth fore his laber this george hewlet write | youS.15.414: Hand X (Thomas Hewlet), fol. 63v, left margin. Written vertically and partially cropped. Ac for drede of þe deth · I dar nouȝt telle treuthe
nota Englissh Clerkes | Fede CouetiseM.15.415: Hand 3, fol. 75r, right margin.Covetyse of clerkisC2.15.415: Hand 2, fol. 76v, right margin. How englissh clerkes a coluer feden · þat coueityse hatte
And ben manered after Makometh · þat no man vseth treuth

¶ Ancres and hermytes · and monkes and freres
Ancres | hermites &cetera ·L.15.418: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 67r, right margin. Peren to apostles · þorw her parfit lyuynge
Wolde neuere þe faithful fader · þat his ministres sholde
notaquod de rebus male adquisitis | non debet dari elemosinaM.15.420: Hand 3, fol. 75r, right margin. Of tyrauntz þat teneth trewe men · taken any almesse
But done as Antony did · dominik and Fraunceys
Benet & Bernarde · þe which hem firste tauȝte
To lyue bi litel & in lowe houses · by lele mennes almesse
Grace sholde growe & be grene · þorw her good lyuynge
And folkes sholde fynde · þat ben in dyuerse sykenesse
Þe better for her byddynges · in body and in soule
Her preyeres and her penaunces · to pees shulde brynge
Alle þat ben at debate · and bedemen were trewe
Luke .xi.Cr2.15.428α: Fol. X.4r, right margin.Luke .xi.Cr3.15.428α: Fol. 84r, right margin. Petite & accipietis &c
Salt saueth catel ; seggen þis wyues
Math .vCr2.15.429α: Fol. X.4r, right margin.Math .v.Cr3.15.429α: Fol. 84r, right margin. Vos estis sal terre &c ·
Þe heuedes of holicherche · and þei holy were
Cryst calleth hem salt · for crystene soules
Et si sal euanuerit · in quo salietur
Ac fressh flessh other fissh · whan it salt failleth
| C.15.433: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. It is vnsauory for soth · ysothe or ybake
Notate qui Curam habetisM.15.434: Hand 3, fol. 75r, right margin. So is mannes soule sothly · þat seeth no good ensaumple
Of hem of holycherche · þat þe heigh weye shulde teche
baneourC.15.436: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. - C.15.436: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. And be gyde and go bifore · as a good baneoure
And hardy hem þat bihynde ben · and ȝiue hem good euydence

- C.15.438: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. ¶ Elleuene holy men · al þe worlde torned
The Apo=|stles tur=|ned al the | worlde to | the fayth .Cr2.15.439: Fol. X.4r, right margin.The Apo=|stles tur=|ned al the | worlde to | the fayth .Cr3.15.439: Fol. 84r, right margin. In-to lele byleue · þe liȝtloker me thynketh
Shulde al maner men · we han so manye Maistres
Prestes and prechoures · and a pope aboue
Þat goddes salt shulde be · to saue mannes soule

· Nota · C.15.443: Hand 1, fol. 22v, left margin. ¶ Al was hethenesse some-tyme ; Ingelond and wales
poperyS.15.444: Hand X, fol. 64r, left margin. Til Gregory gerte clerkes · to go here and preche
Austyn at Caunterbury · crystened þe kynge
And þorw myracles as men may rede · al þat marche he torned
To cryst and to crystendome · and crosse to honoure
And fulled folke faste · and þe faith tauȝte
More þorw miracles · þan þorw moche prechynge
As wel þorw his werkes · as with his holy wordes
And seyde hem what fullynge · and faith was to mene

Nota beneM.15.452: Hand X, fol. 75v, left margin. ~ C.15.452: Hand X, fol. 22v, right margin. ¶ Cloth þat cometh fro þe weuyng · is nouȝt comly to were
Tyl it is fulled vnder fote · or in fullyng stokkes
FullyngM.15.454: Hand 3, fol. 75v, left margin. Wasshen wel with water · and with taseles cracched
Ytouked and ytented ; & vnder tailloures hande
And so it fareth by a barne · þat borne is of wombe
Tyll the | child be | instruc=|ted in | Christ it | is but as | a wilde | beasteCr2.15.457: Fol. X.4v, left margin.Tyll the | chyld be | instruc=|ted in | Christ it | is but as | a wilde | beasteCr3.15.457: Fol. 84v, left margin. Til it be crystened in crystes name · and confermed of þe bisshop
It is hethene as to heueneward · and helpelees to þe soule

¶ Hethene is to mene after heth · and vntiled erthe
As in wilde wildernesse · wexeth wilde bestes
crepersO.15.461: Hand 3, fol. 66v, right margin. A punctus accompanying marginal word indicates substitution, though the line already reads "crepers." Rude and vnresonable · rennenge with-out creperes

deficitM.15.462: Hand X, fol. 75v, left margin. ¶ Ȝe nymmen wel how matheu seith · how a man made a feste
He fedde hem with no venysoun · ne fesauntes ybake
But with foules þat fram hym nolde · but folwed his whistellynge
Mr Thomas Mr Tomas Hewlet Mr Tomas How letS.15.464α: Hand X (Thomas Hewlet), fol. 64v, left margin, written vertically bottom to top of page.Math .xxCr2.15.464α: Fol. X.4v, left margin.Math .xxCr3.15.464α: Fol. 84v, left margin. Ecce altilia mea & omnia parata sunt &c
And wyth calues flesshe he fedde · þe folke þat he loued
Þe calfe bytokeneth clennesse · in hem þat kepeth lawes

¶ For as þe cow þorw kynde mylke · þe calf norissheth til an oxe
So loue [&] lewte · lele men susteyneth
And maydenes and mylde men mercy desiren
Riȝt as þe cow calf · coueyteth swete mylke
So don riȝtful men · mercy & treuthe [Hereafter follow 15.472-485 in KD, from alpha, but they are not annotated.]

¶ Ac who beth þat excuseth hem · þat aren persounes and prestes
Þat heuedes of holycherche ben · þat han her wille here
With-oute trauaille þe tithe del · þat trewe men biswynkyn
nota · C.15.489: Hand 1, fol. 22v, right margin. Þei wil be wroth for I write þus · ac to witnesse I take
Bothe Mathew and Marke · and Memento domine dauid
What Pope or prelate now · perfourneth þat cryst hiȝte
Mar xvi.Cr2.15.491α: Fol. X.4v, right margin.Mar .xviCr3.15.491α: Fol. 84v, left margin. Ite in vniuersum mundum & predicate & c ·

¶ Allas þat men so longe · on Makometh shulde byleue
So many prelates to preche · as þe Pope maketh
Of Nazareth of Nynyue · of Neptalim and damaske
Þat þei ne went as cryst wisseth · sithen þei wil a name
¶ To be pastours and preche · þe passioun of Ihesus
And as hym-self seyde · so to lyue and deye
Iohn .x.Cr2.15.497α: Fol. Y.1r, right margin.Iohn .x.Cr3.15.497α: Fol. 85r, right margin. Bonus pastor animam suam ponit & c
And seyde it in sauacioun · of sarasenes & other
For crystene & vncristene · cryst seide to prechoures
Math .xxCr2.15.500: Fol. Y.1r, right margin.Math .xxCr3.15.500: Fol. 85r, right margin. Ite vos in vineam meam ·
And sith þat þis sarasenes · scribes & Iuwes
Han a lippe of owre byleue · þe liȝtloker me thynketh
Þei shulde torne who-so trauaille wolde · to teche hem of þe Trinite
Mat. vii.Cr2.15.503α: Fol. Y.1r, right margin.Mat .vii.Cr3.15.503α: Fol. 85r, right margin. Querite & inuenietis &c

¶ It is reuth to rede · how riȝtwis men lyued
How þei defouled her flessh · forsoke her owne wille
Fer fro kitth and fro kynne · yuel yclothed ȝeden
Badly ybedded · no boke · but conscience
Ne no richchesse but þe Rode · to reioyse hem Inne
Galat .viCr2.15.537α: Fol. Y.1r, right margin.Galat ,viCr3.15.537α: Fol. 85r, right margin. Absit nobis gloriari nisi in cruce domini nostri &c ·

¶ And þo was plente & pees · amonges pore & riche
nota the Red nobleM.15.539: Hand 3, fol. 76r, right margin. · nota · C.15.539: Hand 1, fol. 22v, right margin. And now is routhe to rede · how þe red noble
How co=|uetise of | þe cleargy | wyll de=|stroy the | church . Cr1.15.540: Fol. 85r, right margin.How co=|uetise of | þe cleargy wyll | destroy þe| | church .Cr2.15.540: Fol. 85r, right margin.How co=|uetise of | the clear=|gy wyll | destroy þe | church .Cr3.15.540: Fol. 85r, right margin. Is reuerenced or þe Rode · receyued for þe worthier
Þan crystes crosse þat ouer-cam · deþ and dedly synne

WH | prophycieG.15.542: Hand 2, fol. 72v, left margin. Same hand (initials WH) also adds a bracket around the following six lines. ¶ And now is werre and wo · and who-so why axeth
For coueityse after crosse · þe croune stant in golde
Bothe riche and religious · þat Rode þei honoure
Þat in grotes is ygraue · and in golde nobles
For coueityse of þat crosse · men of holykirke
Templarij | prophetia de possessionibus | ClericorumC2.15.547: Hand 2, fol. 78r, right margin. Shul tourne as templeres did · þe tyme approcheth faste

¶ Wyte ȝe nouȝt wyse men · how þo men honoured
the fall of the church throwgh | covitusnesL.15.549: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 68r, right margin. More tresore þan treuthe · I dar nouȝt telle þe sothe
Resoun & riȝtful dome · þo Religious demed
. war .O.15.551: Hand 1, fol. 67r, right margin. Riȝt so ȝe clerkes · for ȝowre coueityse ar longe
id est resoun &cetera ·L.15.552: Hand 1, fol. 68r, left margin, gloss on "þei." Shal þei demen dos ecclesie · and ȝowre pryde depose
Hm.15.552α: Hand X, fol. 179v, right margin.Luke .i.Cr2.15.552α: Fol. Y.1r, right margin.Luke .i.Cr3.15.552α: Fol. 85r, right margin. Deposuit potentes de sede &c ·

contra possessiones ecclesieM.15.553: Hand 3, fol. 76r, right margin.An admo|nicion to | þe cleargyCr2.15.553: Fol. Y.1v, left margin.An admo|nicion to | þe cleargyCr3.15.553: Fol. 85v, left margin. ¶ Ȝif knyȝthod & kynde wytte · and comune conscience
Bishops possessiounL.15.554: Hand X1 (16th C), fol. 68r, right margin.C2.15.554: Hand 1, fol. 78r, left margin. (Note: BB attribute this to Hand 2.) Togideres loue lelly · leueth it wel ȝe bisshopes
Þe lordeship of londes · for euere shal ȝe lese
And lyuen as leuitici as owre lorde ȝow techeth
Deut .18. | Nume .vCr2.15.556α: Fol. Y.1v, left margin.Deut .18. | Nume .v.Cr3.15.556α: Fol. 85v, left margin. Per primicias & decimas

notaL.15.557: Hand 1, fol. 68r, left margin. ¶ Whan costantyn of curteysye · holykirke dowed
With londes and ledes · lordeshipes and rentes
quere veritatemM.15.559: Hand 3, fol. 76v, left est. luciferM.15.559: Hand X (italic), fol. 76v, supralinear gloss on "Angel." An Angel men herde · an heigh at Rome crye
NotaC.15.560: Hand 1, fol. 23r, left margin. Dos ecclesie þis day · hath ydronke venym
And þo þat han petres powere · arn apoysoned alle

nota bene ...?... Malicia procedens ex | cupiditate absque caritateM.15.562: Hand X (italic), fol. 76v, left margin, over a partially erased note in one or two 15th-c hands.nota bene | pro episcopisG.15.562: Hand 3, fol. 72v, left margin. ¶ A medecyne mote þer-to · þat may amende prelates
Þat sholden preye for þe pees · possessioun hem letteth
a medycyne | to emend | prelates &cetera /L.15.534: Hand X2 (16th C), fol. 68v, left margin.A medi=|cyne for þe | Cleargie .Cr2.15.534: Fol. Y.1v, left margin.A medi=|cyne for þe | CleargyeCr3.15.534: Fol. 85v, left margin. Take her landes ȝe lordes · and let hem lyue by dymes
If possessioun be poysoun · & inparfit hem make
Good were to dischargen hem · for holicherche sake
And purgen hem of poysoun · or more perile falle

+L.15.568: Corrector, fol. 68v, left margin. ¶ Ȝif presthod were parfit · þe peple solde amende
Þat contrarien crystes lawe · and crystendome dispise
For al paynym prayeth · and parfitly bileueth
In þe holy grete god · and his grace þei asken
And make her mone to makometh · her message to shewe
Þus in a faith lyueth þat folke · and in a false mene
And þat is routhe · for riȝtful men · þat in þe Rewme wonyen
And a peril to þe pope · and prelatis þat he maketh
Þat bere bisshopes names · of Bedleem & babiloigne [Hereafter follow 15.511-528 in KD, from alpha, but they are not annotated.]
Þat hippe aboute in Engelonde · to halwe mennes auteres
And crepe amonges curatoures · confessen ageyne þe lawe
Nota beneM.15.530α: Hand X, fol. 76v, left margin. Possibly noting line out of order. Nolite mittere falcem in messem alienam &c
· Nota · C.15.531: Hand 1, fol. 23r, right margin. (Note, C contains different line order from KD here.)Bishops | dutye .Cr2.15.531: Fol. Y.1v, left margin.Bishops | dutye .Cr3.15.531: Fol. 85v, left margin. Many man for crystes loue · was martired in Romanye
XF.15.532: Corrector, fol. 67r, right margin. Drypoint, possibly marking a missing passage not in scribe's exemplar. Er ar any crystendome was knowe þere · or any crosse honoured

¶ Euery bisshop þat bereth crosse · by þat he is holden
Thorw his prouynce to passe · and to his peple to shewe hym
Tellen hem and techen hem · on þe Trinite to bileue
[& feeden hem with goostly foode / & nedy folk to f[yn]den . [KD.15.573-576 are given here from F, as they are not present in L but annotated in F.]

[¶] But ysayas [of ȝow] speki[þ] / & Osyas boþe .
XF.15.575: Corrector, fol. 67r, right margin, drypoint. Þat no man shold be bisschop / but if he hadde boþe .
Bodyly foode & goostly / to gyven þere it nedyþ .]
Esai .iii.Cr2.15.576α: Fol. Y.2r, right margin.Esai .iii.Cr3.15.576α: Fol. 86r, right margin. In domo mea non est panis neque vestimentum | et ideo nolite constituere me regem · ysaie 3
Ozias seith for such · þat syke ben and fieble
Mal .iii.Cr2.15.578: Fol. Y.2r, right margin.Mal .iii,Cr3.15.578: Fol. 86r, right margin. Inferte omnes decimas in oreum meum vt cibus in domo mea

¶ Ac we crystene creatures · þat on þe crosse byleuen
| C.15.580: Hand X, fol, 23r, left margin. Aren ferme as in þe faith · goddes forbode elles
And han clerkes to kepen vs þer-Inne · and hem þat shal come after vs

M.15.582: Hand X, fol. 76v, left margin. · nota · C.15.582: Hand 1, fol. 23r, left margin. ¶ And iewes lyuen in lele lawe · owre lorde wrote it hym-selue
In stone for it stydfast was · and stonde sholde eure
Dilige deum & proximum · is parfit iewen lawe
And toke it moyses to teche men · til Messye come
And on þat lawe þei lyuen ȝit · and leten it þe beste
¶ And ȝit knewe þei cryst · þat crystendome tauȝte
For a parfit prophete · þat moche peple saued
Of selcouth sores · þei seyne it ofte
Bothe of myracles & meruailles · and how he men fested
+L.15.591: Corrector, fol. 68v, left margin. With two fisshes an fyve loues · fyue thousande peple
And bi þat maungerye men miȝte wel se · þat Messye he semed
And whan he luft vp lazar · þat layde was in graue
And vnder stone ded & stanke · with styf voys hym called
Iohn .xi.Cr2.15.594α: Fol. Y.2r, right margin.Iohn .xi.Cr3.15.594α: Fol. 86r, right margin. Lazare veni foras ·
Dede hym rise and rowme riȝt bifor þe iuwes
Ac þei seiden and sworen · with sorcerye he wrouȝte
And studyeden to stroyen hym · and stroyden hem-self
And þorw his pacyence her powere · to pure nouȝt he brouȝte
Pacientes vincunt

¶ Danyel of her vndoynge · deuyned and seyde
Cum sanctus sanctorum veniat · cessabit vnxio vestra
And ȝet wenen þo wrecches · þat he were pseudo-propheta
And þat his lore be lesynges · and lakken it alle
And hopen þat he be to come · þat shal hem releue
Moyses eft or Messye · here maisteres ȝet deuyneth

notaquodprelat in | de necligencia prelatorum | in articulis FideiM.15.605: Hand 3, fol. 77r, right margin. ¶ Ac pharesewes and sarasenes · Scribes & Grekis
Aren folke of on faith · þe fader god þei honouren
And sitthen þat þe sarasenes · and also þe iewes
Konne þe firste clause of owre bileue · credo in deum patrem omnipotentem
Prelates of crystene prouynces · shulde preue if þei myȝte
Lere hem litlum & lytlum & in ihesum cristum filium
Tyl þei couthe speke and spelle · et in spiritum sanctum
And rendren it & recorden it · with remissionem peccatorum
Carnis resurreccionem · et vitam eternam amen ·