Passus Quartus

Cesseth seith þe kynge · I suffre ȝow no lengere
Ȝe shal sauȝtne for-sothe · and serue me bothe
kisse hir quod þe kynge · conscience I hote

Conscience | wil haue | reasons | aduice .Cr2.4.4: Fol. E.1v, left margin.Conscience | wil haue | reasons | aduice .Cr3.4.4: Fol. 17v, left margin. ¶ Nay bi criste quod conscience · congeye me for euere
But resoun rede me þer-to · rather wil I deye

notaRex mandauit Conscientiam | ad querere RacionemM.4.6: Hand 3, fol. 15v, left margin ¶ And I comaunde þe quod þe Kynge · to conscience þanne
Rape þe to ride · and resoun þow fecche
Comaunde hym þat he come · my conseille to here
For he shal reule my rewme · and rede me þe beste
And acounte with þe conscience · so me cryst helpe
How þow lernest þe peple · þe lered and þe lewede

¶ I am fayne of þat forwarde · seyde þe freke þanne
- C.4.14: Hand X, fol. 5r, right margin. And ritte riȝte to resoun · and rowneth in his ere
And seide as þe kynge badde · and sithen toke his leue

¶ I shal arraye me to ride quod resoun reste þe a while
Reason | rydeth on | SufferanceCr1.4.17: Fol. 17v, left margin. And called catoun his knaue · curteise of speche
notaM.4.18: Hand 3, fol. 15v, left margin. Text from here to the end of the page is marked with a bracket in the left margin (KD.4.18-23). And also tomme trewe tonge · telle me no tales
Reason | rydeth on | sufferance .Cr2.4.19: Fol. E.1v, left margin.Reason | rydeth on | sufferance .Cr3.4.19: Fol. 17v, left margin. Ne lesyng to lawȝe of · for I loued hem neuere
And sette my sadel vppon suffre · til I se my tyme
· Nota · C.4.21: Hand 1, fol. 5r, right margin. And lete warrok it wel · with witty wordes gerthes
And hange on hym þe heuy brydel · to holde his hed lowe
For he wil make wehe · tweye er he be there

¶ Thanne conscience vppon his caple · kaireth forth faste
And resoun with hym ritte · rownynge togideres
Whiche maistries Mede · maketh on þis erthe

notaHm.4.27: Hand X, fol. 126r, left margin.Warren | wysdome | & Wittye | folowed | ReasonCr2.4.27: Fol. E.1v, left margin.Waren | wysdome | & wittye | folowed | ReasonCr3.4.27: Fol. 17v, left margin. ¶ One waryn wisdom · and witty his fere
+L.4.28: Corrector, fol. 14v, left margin. · Nota · C.4.28: Hand 1, fol. 5r, right margin. Folwed hem faste · haued to done
In þe cheker and at þe chauncerie · to be discharged of þinges
And riden fast for resoun shulde rede hem þe beste
For to saue hem for siluer · fro shame and fram harmes

¶ And conscience knewe hem wel · þei loued coueitise
And bad resoun ride faste · and recche of her noither
Þere aren wiles in here wordes · and with Mede þei dwelleth
notaW.4.35: Hand X, fol. 20r, right margin. There as wratthe and wranglyng is · þere wynne þei siluer

notaW.4.36: Hand X, fol. 20r, right margin. ¶ Ac þere is loue and lewte · þei wil nouȝte come þere
Psa .xiii.Cr2.4.36α: Fol. E.2r, right margin.Psa .xiii.Cr3.4.36α: Fol. 18r, right margin. Contricio & infelicitas in vijs eorum &c
Þei ne gyueth nouȝte of god · one gose wynge
Psa .xiii.Cr2.4.37α: Fol. E.2r, right margin.Psa .xiii.Cr3.4.37α: Fol. 18r, right margin. Non est timor dei ante oculos eorum
notaW.4.38: Hand X, fol. 20r, right margin. For wot god þei wolde do more · for a dozeine chickenes
Or as many capones · or for a seem of otes
Þan for loue of owre lorde · or alle hise leue seyntes
For-þi resoun lete hem ride · þo riche bi hem-seluen
For conscience knoweth hem nouȝte · ne cryst as I trowe

And þanne resoun rode faste ; þe riȝte heiȝe gate
As conscience hym kenned · til þei come to þe Kynge

notaRex obuiauit cum racioneM.4.44: Hand 3, fol. 16r, right margin. ¶ Curteisliche þe kynge þanne · come aȝein resoun
And bitwene hym-self and his sone · sette hym on benche
And wordeden wel wyseli · a gret while togideres

notaconquestus est | pax contra IniuriamM.4.47: Hand 3, fol. 16r, right margin.Peace com|playneth | vpon wrongCr2.4.47: Fol. E.2r, right margin.Peace com|playneth | vpon wrongCr3.4.47: Fol. 18r, right margin. ¶ And þanne come pees in-to parlement · and put forth a bille
WroungeC2.4.48: Hand 2, fol. 16v, right margin. How wronge aȝeines his wille · had his wyf taken
And how he rauisshed Rose · Reginoldes loue
And Margarete of hir maydenhode · maugre here chekis
Bothe my gees & my grys · his gadelynges feccheth
I dar nouȝte for fere of hym · fyȝte ne chyde
nota the borowing off | bayerdM.4.53: Hand 3, fol. 16r, right margin. He borwed of me bayard · he brouȝte hym home neure
+L.4.54: Corrector, fol. 15r, left margin. Ne no ferthynge þer-fore · for nauȝte I couthe plede
He meyneteneth his men · to morther myne hewen
Forstalleth my feyres · and fiȝteth in my chepynge
And breketh vp my bernes dore · and bereth aweye my whete
And taketh me but a taile · for ten quarteres of otes
And ȝet he bet me þer-to · and lyth bi my Mayde
I nam nouȝte hardy for hym · vneth to loke ·

¶ The kynge knewe he seide sothe · for conscience hym tolde
Þat wronge was a wikked luft · and wrouȝte moche sorwe

¶ Wronge was afered þanne · and wisdome he souȝte
To make pees with his pens · and profered hym manye
And seide had I loue of my lorde þe kynge · litel wolde I recche
If Wrong | might op=|taine the | kinges fa|uour , he | passeth for | no more .Cr2.4.66: Fol. E.2v, left margin.If Wrong | might op=|taine the | kingis fa|uour , he | passeth for | no more .Cr3.4.66: Fol. 18v, left margin. Theiȝe pees and his powere · pleyned hym eure

+L.4.67: Corrector, fol. 15r, left margin.nota wyt & warin | wisdomM.4.67: Hand 3, fol. 16v, left margin. ¶ Þo wan wisdome · and sire waryn þe witty
For þat wronge had ywrouȝte · so wikked a dede
And warned wronge þo · with suche a wyse tale
notaW.4.70: Hand X, fol. 20v, right margin. Who-so worcheth bi wille · wratthe maketh ofte
I seye it bi þi-self · þow shalt it wel fynde
But if Mede it make · þi myschief is vppe
For bothe þi lyf and þi londe · lyth in his grace

¶ Thanne wowed wronge · wisdome ful ȝerne
notaM.4.75: Hand 3, fol. 16v, left margin. To make his pees with his pens · handi-dandi payed
Wisdome and witte þanne wenten togideres
And toke Mede myd hem mercy to winne

¶ Pees put forþ his hed · and his panne blody
Wyth-outen gilte god it wote · gat I þis skaþe
Conscience and þe comune · knowen þe sothe

¶ Ac wisdom and witte · were about faste
To ouercome þe kynge · with catel ȝif þei myȝte

¶ Þe kynge swore bi crist · and bi his crowne bothe
Þat wronge for his werkis · sholde wo þolye
Wrong is | committed | to prison .Cr2.4.85: Fol. E.2v, left margin.Wrong is | committed | to prison ,Cr3.4.85: Fol. 18v, left margin. And comaunded a constable · to casten hym in yrens
And late hym nouȝte þis seuene ȝere · seen his feet ones

¶ God wot quod wysdom · þat were nauȝte þe beste
And he amendes mowe make · late meynprise hym haue
And be borwgh for his bale · and biggen hym bote
notaW.4.90: Hand X, fol. 21r, right margin. And so amende þat is mysdo · and euermore þe bettere

nota notaM.4.91: Hand 3, fol. 17r, right margin. Paragraph is marked with lines in the right margin. ¶ Witt acorded þer-with · and seide þe same
Bettere is þat bote · bale adoun brynge
Þan bale be ybette · & bote neuere þe bettere

¶ And þanne gan Mede to mengen here · and mercy she bisought
notaM.4.95: Hand X, fol. 17r, right margin. And profred pees a present · al of pure golde
Haue þis man of me quod she · to amende þi skaþe
For I wil wage for wronge · he wil do so namore

| C.4.98: Hand X, fol. 5v, right margin. · Nota · C.4.98: Hand 1, fol. 5v, left margin. ¶ Pitously pees þanne · prayed to þe kynge
To haue mercy on þat man · þat mys-did hym so ofte
Mede | stoppeth | Peaces | mouthCr2.4.100: Fol. E.3r, right margin.Mede | stoppeth | Peaces | mouthCr3.4.100: Fol. 19r, right margin. For he hath waged me wel · as wisdome hym tauȝte
And I forgyue hym þat gilte · with a goode wille
So þat þe kynge assent · I can seye no bettere
notaW.4.103: Hand X, fol. 21v, right margin. For Mede hath made me amendes · I may namore axe

notaM.4.104: Hand X, fol. 17r, right margin. ¶ Nay quod þe Kynge þo · so me cryst helpe
notaW.4.105: Hand X, fol. 21v, left margin. Wronge wendeth nouȝte so awaye · arst wil I wite more
notaBene Iudicatus est RexM.4.106: Hand 3, fol. 17r, right margin. For loupe he so liȝtly · laughen he wolde
And efte þe balder be · to bete myne hewen
But resoun haue reuthe on hym · he shal rest in my stokkes
And þat as longe as he lyueth · but lowenesse hym borwe

¶ Somme men redde Resoun þo · to haue reuthe on þat schrewe
And for to conseille þe Kynge · and conscience after
That Mede moste be meynpernour · resoun þei bisouȝte

notaW.4.113: Hand X, fol. 21v, right margin. · Nota · C.4.113: Hand 1, fol. 5v, right margin. ¶ Rede me nouȝte quod resoun · no reuthe to haue
notaoptime dicit RacioM.4.114: Hand 3, fol. 17r, right margin. Til lordes and ladies · louien alle treuthe
Reasons | aduice in | the puny=|shynge of | WrongeCr2.4.115: Fol. E.3r, right margin.Reasons | aduice in | the puny=|shynge of Wronge .Cr3.4.115: Fol. 19r, right margin. And haten al harlotrye · to heren it · or to mouthen it
notaM.4.116: Hand 3, fol. 17r, left margin.[bracket]M.4.116: Hand X, fol. 17r, right margin. KD.4.116-123 marked with a bracket in the right margin.a profycyG.4.116: Hand 1, fol. 15r, left margin. Appears crossed out but may only be smudged. Tyl pernelles purfil · be put in here hucche
And childryn cherissyng · be chastyng with ȝerdes
And harlotes holynesse · be holden for an hyne
+L.4.119: Corrector, fol. 16r, left margin. Til clerken coueitise be · to clothe þe pore and to fede
And religious romares · recordare in here cloistres ·
As seynt Benet hem bad · Bernarde and Fraunceys ·
And til prechoures prechyng · be preued on hem-seluen
Tyl þe kynges conseille · be þe comune profyte
Tyl bisschopes baiardes · ben beggeres chambres ·
Here haukes and her houndes · helpe to pore Religious ·

PylgrimageO.4.126: Hand 1, fol. 16r, right margin.pilgrimageC2.4.126: Hand 1, fol. 18r, right margin. ¶ And til seynt Iames be souȝte · þere I shal assigne
That no man go to Galis · but if he go for euere
And alle Rome-renneres · for robberes of byȝende
Bere no siluer ouer see · þat signe of kynge sheweþ ·
Noyther graue ne vngraue · golde noither siluer
Vppon forfeture of þat fee · who-so fynt hym at Douere
But if it be marchaunt or his man · or messagere with lettres
- C.4.133: Hand X, fol. 5v, right margin. Prouysoure or prest · or penaunt for his synnes ·

¶ And ȝet quod resoun bi þe Rode · I shal no reuthe haue
While Mede hath þe maistrye ; in þis moot halle
+L.4.136: Corrector, fol. 16r, left margin. Ac I may shewe ensaumples · as I se other-while
I sey it bi my-self quod he · and it so were
That I were kynge with crowne · to kepen a Rewme
Shulde neuere wronge in þis worlde · þat I wite myȝte
Ben vnpunisshed in my powere · for peril of my soule
Ne gete my grace for giftes · so me god saue
Ne for no Mede haue mercy · but mekenesse it make

L.4.143: Hand X, fol. 16r, right margin.notaM.4.143: Hand X5, fol. 17v, left margin.notaW.4.143: Hand X, fol. 22r, left margin.Mat .xvi.Cr2.4.143: Fol. E.3v, left margin.Mat .xvi,Cr3.4.143: Fol. 19v, left margin. ¶ For nullum malum þe man · mette with inpunitum
notaW.4.144: Hand X, fol. 22r, left margin.notaY.4.144: Hand 1, fol. 16v, right margin. And badde nullum bonum · be irremuneratum ·

¶ Late ȝowre confessoure sire Kynge · construe þis vnglosed ·
notaquod lex laborabit & lede a-Feld dongM.4.146: Hand 3, fol. 17v, left margin.W.4.146: Hand X, fol. 22r, right margin. And ȝif ȝe worken it in werke · I wedde myne eres ·
+L.4.147: Corrector, fol. 16r, left margin.R.4.147: Hand X, fol. 12v, left margin. That lawe shal ben a laborere · and lede a-felde donge
And loue shal lede þi londe · as þe lief lyketh

· Nota · C.4.149: Hand 1, fol. 5v, right margin.Law shal | lead afeld | dunge .Cr2.4.149: Fol. E.3v, left margin.Law shal | lead afeld | dunge .Cr3.4.149: Fol. 19v, left margin. ¶ Clerkes þat were confessoures · coupled hem togideres
Alle to construe þis clause · and for þe kynges profit
Ac nouȝte for conforte of þe comune · ne for þe kynges soule

+L.4.152: Corrector, fol. 16v, left margin. ¶ For I seiȝe mede in þe moot halle · on men of lawe wynke
And þei lawghyng lope to hire · and lafte resoun manye

¶ Waryn wisdome · wynked vppon Mede
And seide Madame I am ȝowre man · what-so my mouth iangleth
I falle in floreines quod þat freke · an faile speche ofte

¶ Alle riȝtful recorded · þat resoun treuthe tolde
And witt acorded þer-with · and comended his wordes
And þe moste peple in þe halle · and manye of þe grete
cursidO.4.160: Hand 1, fol. 16v, left margin, gloss on "mansed."i-cursidC2.4.160: Hand 1, fol. 18v, supralinear gloss on "mansid." And leten mekenesse a maistre · and Mede a mansed schrewe

M.4.161: Hand X, fol. 18r, left margin.notaM.4.161: Hand X4, fol. 18r, right margin. ¶ Loue lete of hir liȝte · and lewte ȝit lasse
And seide it so heiȝe þat al þe halle it herde
notaW.4.163: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. Who-so wilneth hir to wyf · for welth of her godis
notaW.4.164: Hand X, fol. 22v, left margin. But he be knowe for a kokewolde · kut of my nose

¶ Mede mourned þo · and made heuy chere
nota þat mede is Callyd a horeM.4.166: Hand 3, fol. 18r, right margin. For þe moste comune of þat courte called hire an hore
Ac a sysoure and a sompnoure · sued hir faste
And a schireues clerke · byschrewed al þe route
For ofte haue I quod he · holpe ȝow atte barre
And ȝit ȝeue ȝe me neuere · þe worthe of a russhe

¶ The kynge called conscience · and afterwardes resoun
And recorded þat resoun had riȝtfullich schewed
And mowdilich vppon Mede · with myȝte þe Kynge loked
The law|iers kepe | the kinge | from hys | right .Cr2.4.174: Fol. E.4r, right margin.The law|iers kepe | the kinge | from hys | right ,Cr3.4.174: Fol. 20r, right margin. And gan wax wrothe with lawe · for Mede almoste had shent it
And seide þorw ȝowre lawe as I leue · I lese many chetes
notaW.4.176: Hand X, fol. 22v, right margin. Mede ouer-maistrieth lawe · and moche treuthe letteth
Ac resoun shal rekene with ȝow · ȝif I regne any while
And deme ȝow bi þis day · as ȝe han deserued
Mede shal nouȝte meynprise ȝow · bi þe Marie of heuene
I wil haue leute in lawe · and lete be al ȝowre ianglyng
And as moste folke witnesseth wel · wronge shal be demed

¶ Quod conscience to þe kynge · but þe comune wil assent
It is ful hard bi myn hed · here-to to brynge it
Alle ȝowre lige leodes · to lede þus euene

¶ By hym þat rauȝte on þe rode · quod resoun to þe kynge
Reason ta|keth vpon | hym to | rule the | realme .Cr2.4.186: Fol. E.4r, right margin.Reason ta|keth vpon | hym to | rule the | realme .Cr3.4.186: Fol. 20r, right margin. But if I reule þus ȝowre rewme · rende out my guttes
Ȝif ȝe bidden buxomnes · be of myne assente

¶ And I assent seith þe kynge · by seynte Marie my lady
Be my conseille comen of clerkis · and of erlis
Ac redili resoun þow shalt nouȝte ride fro me
xM.4.191: Hand X, fol. 18v, left margin. For as longe as I lyue · lete þe I nelle

¶ I am aredy quod resoun · to reste with ȝow euere
So conscience be of owre conseille · I kepe no bettere
And I graunt quod the kynge · goddes forbode it faile
XC.4.195: Hand 1, fol. 6r, left margin. Als longe as owre lyf lasteth · lyue we togideres