E. Ph. Goldschmidt Fellowship

In 1995, Rare Book School established a fellowship honoring the memory of the great London antiquarian bookseller, E. Ph. Goldschmidt.

RBS awards Goldschmidt Fellowships to promising persons who are beginning careers in rare books, the antiquarian book trade, and related fields. During the RBS summer session, Goldschmidt Fellows attend a course and work as a program staff member or lab instructor.

The initial funding for RBS’s Goldschmidt Fellowships was provided by Robert O. Dougan (1904–1999), who worked for E. Ph. Goldschmidt (1887–1954) in London in the 1920s and 1930s before going on to a distinguished career in librarianship. Dougan retired as Librarian of the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery in San Marino, CA, in 1972.

Ernst Philip Goldschmidt was one of the greatest antiquarian booksellers of his time. Born in Vienna of Dutch parents, he attended Cambridge University and lived for much of his later life in London, where he moved his business in 1923. He was the author of more than a hundred notable catalogs and a number of important books on the history of bookbinding, book collecting, and related subjects.

E. Ph. Goldschmidt Fellows

2023 – Kristen Martucci
– Carson Koepke
2021 – Elizabeth DeBold
2020 – no award made
2019 – William Fleming
2018 – Irina Savinetskaya
2017 – Javier Milligan
2016 – Lindsey Eckert
2015 – Caleb Dance
2014 – Benjamin Nourse
2013 – Adam Hooks
2012 – Christine Schott
2011 – Erin Schreiner
2010 – Donna Sy
2009 – Fitz-John Green
2008 – William McLean
2007 – Timothy Stinson
2006 – Sheelagh Bevan
2005no award made
2004 – Sara Hudson
2003 – E. Haven Hawley
2002 – R. Arvid Nelsen
2001 – Paul Moxon
2000 – Nick Aretakis
1999 – Heather Horechny
1998 – Stephen Karian
1997 – Wendy Hyman
1996 – A. Timothy Rogers
1995 – David T. Jenkins