Prize-winning RBS-UVA Fellowship Projects

A $500 prize is awarded to the most distinguished project from each RBS-UVA Fellowship cohort. As of 2014, this award is known as the Dawn and Stuart Houston Prize, thanks to the generous contributions of Dawn and Stuart Houston to the RBS-UVA Fellowship program. The winning projects from each fellowship cohort are:


  • Neal Curtis – Ph.D. student, Department of English
    Forgery and the Rise of Bibliographical Techniques of Detection
  • Micaela Kowalski – Ph.D. student, Department of History (Honorable Mention)
    Images of Religious and Racial Difference in Early Modern Travel Narratives
  • Loreto Romero Martínez-Eiroa – Ph.D. student, Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese (Honorable Mention)
    The Gaze of Celestina: Celestina’s Anamorphosis and the Sixteenth-Century Reader


  • Samuel Lemley – Ph.D. student, Department of English
    Shoring Fragments, ca. 1605 (Dissertation section)
  • Julianne McCobin – Ph.D. student, Department of History (Honorable Mention)
    Circulating Anxiety: Nathanael West’s Miss Lonelyhearts and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest as Critiques of American Print Culture



  • Peter Miller – Ph.D. student, Department of English
    Making American Literature: Poetry With Footnotes
  • Elizabeth Doe – Ph.D. student, McIntire Department of Art (Honorable Mention)
    The Flâuneuse and the Urban Night: Reinscribing the Nocturnes of Martin Lewis
  • Christian Howard – Ph.D. student, Department of English (Honorable Mention)
    Recreating Faulkner’s Fictional World: The Publication of the Chronology and Genealogy in Absalom, Absalom!