2016–17 RBS-UVA Fellows

The RBS-UVA Fellowship provides undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Virginia with scholarships to attend RBS courses that substantially inform year-long projects (viz., a Distinguished Major’s thesis, an article, a dissertation chapter, an exhibition) that they submit to RBS upon completion. The 2016–17 cohort of RBS-UVA Fellows includes:

  • DeVan Ard – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Thomas Berenato – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Evan Cheney – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Ashleigh Elser – Ph.D. student, Department of Religious Studies
  • Mary Gilbert – Ph.D. student, Department of Classics
  • Samantha Wallace – Ph.D. student, Department of English
  • Chloe Wells – Ph.D. student, McIntire Department of Art