Course Descriptions

Reading right through these descriptions may be useful for those unacquainted with Rare Book School, the more so in that the courses are arranged in subject order rather than by level of complexity.

Many RBS courses are offered annually or bi-annually; others are offered on a less regular schedule. A list of the courses offered during the current calendar year is given on the Course Schedule page.

A description of the RBS experience generally may be found on the About RBS page.

Have an idea for a course that RBS should run? Have a suggestion for an instructor that would be a great addition to the RBS faculty? Other thoughts about the future of RBS? We want to hear from you! Please use this online form to submit your suggestions!

Former students’ evaluations of all RBS courses offered since 1995 are available via each course description page; in the past, prospective students have found these frank discussions particularly useful in deciding whether or not to apply for admission to a particular RBS course. The Advance Reading Lists for most RBS courses are also available.

The “Courses Not Currently Offered” section below includes courses offered at least once since 2001, when the current course-numbering system was introduced. For a list of pre-2001 courses not currently offered, see this page.

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